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8 Signs Your Loved One Is Not Being Monitored At Their Nursing Home

When your loved one is a resident in a New York nursing home, you trust that they are getting the best round-the-clock care. However, that is not always the case, which can directly affect their health and well-being. A common way nursing home staff fail to provide an adequate duty of care is a lack of monitoring. Elderly adults, especially those with physical limitations and medical conditions, require continuous attention from nursing home staff.

A lack of monitoring can exacerbate other complications and health conditions. If you believe that your family member is not being adequately monitored and that has caused a decline in their quality of life, consult an experienced New York nursing home lawyer for a thorough assessment of your claim and a chance to hold the party responsible for their negligence. 

8 Warning Signs Your Family Member Is Not Being Monitored in Their New York Nursing Home 

It is never a simple decision to send your family member to a nursing home. When the option becomes necessary, it is a relief to know that your loved one will be in a safe environment. This means that they will have their needs met and cared for around the clock. Although you may have found a facility you have deemed adequate for your loved one, you may need to know the warning signs of their failure to monitor your family member. When this happens, their needs may not be met on a daily basis and their health and wellbeing could be affected. 

The following are warning signs of lack of monitoring by nursing home staff: 

1. Your Family Member Appears Dehydrated 

Elderly adults, especially those with conditions like dementia, may have trouble getting adequate hydration. Dehydration can become a life-threatening problem in a matter of days if they are not monitored. Signs of dehydration are dizziness, headaches, and feelings of frequent thirst. 

2. Your Family Member Lost Weight Dramatically and Rapidly 

When your family member first moves into a nursing home, they may need an adjustment period to get used to the new environment and diet. This may reflect in their weight. However, if they don’t regain the weight, you may need a dietician to ensure that they get back on track. A nursing home that does not monitor a resident’s weight is likely not adequately monitoring their other needs as well. 

3. Your Family Member Continually Suffers From Urinary Tract Infections 

UTIs may be a sign of neglect for residents in a nursing home. Consistently dealing with soiled underwear, infrequent bathing, and incorrect wiping can all lead to UTIs. 

4. Your Family Member Experiences Frequent Falls 

Elderly adults need frequent monitoring, especially if they have poor mobility. If your family member experiences falls daily or weekly, this may be a sign that they are inadequately monitored. 

5. Your Family Member Has Poor Hygiene and Dirty Living Space

Poor hygiene, foul smell, and dirty living spaces are all signs of poor monitoring in a nursing home. Unsanitary conditions can be detrimental to your loved one’s health. Frequent bathing and a clean environment are all basic needs that need to be met. 

6. Your Family Member Is Overmedicated 

Nursing home staff may be overmedicating your family member if they appear to be unresponsive or disoriented during your visits. Unfortunately, nursing home staff tend to overmedicate in order to make residents easier to manage. Psychotropic medication is used for temporary calmness but shouldn’t be used as a long-term solution. 

7. Your Family Member Suffers From Bedsores 

Bedsores are a sign of poor monitoring and are an indication of your family member laying in bed too long without being turned or adjusted. This is not a normal occurrence and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Bedsores can develop into life-threatening complications and need to be treated properly. 

8. Your Family Member Is Suffering From Emotional Distress 

Signs of emotional distress can range from being withdrawn and quiet to being anxious and irritable. If you notice a dramatic shift in personality, it may be a sign of psychological distress. Other signs may include self-soothing activities such as nodding and rocking. 

Dangers of Poor Monitoring in a New York Nursing Home 

Being poorly monitored in a New York nursing home can lead to potential injuries, health complications, or even death if not detected in time. Some injuries may not be severe at first but can develop into grave consequences that impact their quality of life. Loved ones that are entrusted to the care of nursing home staff are vulnerable and may be susceptible to neglect and abuse that can affect their emotional and physical health. 

If your family member was left unmonitored, and that led to injury or a decline in their overall health and wellbeing, you may be dealing with substantial medical bills that could have been prevented with adequate care. If you suspect your family member is dealing with a lack of proper monitoring and negligence, you may need to seek compensation for damages with the help of a New York nursing home lawyer. If you have seen warning signs that your family member has not been adequately monitored, you may be able to seek compensation for preventable injuries your loved one has endured. 

Speak With an Experienced New York Nursing Home Lawyer 

Family members that are entrusted to the care of a nursing home deserve safe and proper care, which includes frequent monitoring. Nursing home staff are responsible for the well-being of their residents and have a legal obligation to ensure all residents are safe and taken care of at all times. If you suspect your family member has endured injuries or a decline in their health due to lack of monitoring, speak with the lawyers at Dalli & Marino for a chance to hold the parties accountable for their careless actions. 

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