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Nursing Homes are now Big Business

As baby boomers begin to need nursing home facilities, profit-focused corporate nursing home chains have dominated the market. This increase in residents and emphasis on profits has led to a distressing rise in neglected and abused seniors. But instead of improving safety, corporate nursing homes are working to limit their accountability and deny residents’ rights. There are many laws and Read More >>

LTCCC News Alert: Latest Data on Nursing Home Staffing Levels & Poorly Performing Nursing Homes

A new (May 1) Issue Alert from the Long Term Care Community Coalition provides the following information: "too many nursing homes fail to have enough staff to ensure that residents receive decent care and are able to live with dignity. For many years, verifiable information on a nursing home’s staffing levels were unavailable to the public." Below is the complete text of the Alert (shared by Read More >>

Syracuse nursing home failed to keep dead patient from decomposing, says funeral home – Syracuse.com

A March 22, article on the Syracuse.com website, entitled, "Syracuse nursing home failed to keep dead patient from decomposing, says funeral home", by James T. Mulder, denoted that, "Van Duyn nursing home did not keep its morgue cool enough to prevent a deceased resident's body from decomposing." Mulder quoted "Patty Knight Scholl, of Keegan-Osbelt-Knight funeral home," as having said, Read More >>

Dems’ Medicaid Fear-Mongering Overlooks Nursing Home Conditions – Newsmax

A 2017 Newsmax article by author, Betsy McCaughey, was entitled, "Dems' Medicaid Fear-Mongering Overlooks Nursing Home Conditions". McCaughey reported, "Nationwide, one-third of nursing home residents suffer serious, often permanent injuries due to neglect, according to a federal Inspector General report." She continued, "Indifference is the real culprit, not inadequate Medicaid money. For Read More >>

Choosing the Right Nursing Home – from AARP

A still relevant March 19, 2012, article, by author, Cynthia Ramnarace, in the AARP Bulletin, was entitled, "Choosing the Right Nursing Home" (the article is still available online on the AARP website). It stated: "If your loved one is no longer able to safely live on his or her own — whether it’s your mother, your father or your spouse — trusting his care to strangers isn’t easy. How can you be Read More >>

Elder Law Guys: Doublecheck when they say the rehab center doesn’t have room – From Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

An article in the 26 Feb., edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, by Julian Gray and Frank Petrich, was entitled "Elder Law Guys: Doublecheck when they say the rehab center doesn't have room". Federal Law and Medicaid and Medicare: Responsibility for Hospital Discharges (Copyright Getty Images.) Gray and Petrich cite significant occurrences surrounding hospital discharges, "In two recent Read More >>