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NY Hospitals Keeping Elderly Patients Longer Due to Lack of Beds in Nursing Homes

While almost everyone feels the impact of COVID-19, the older communities are some of the most affected individuals. The risk that COVID-19 presents to those in nursing homes is life-threatening. Nursing homes are struggling to keep up with the amount of older individuals needing care. With more people requiring assistance and longer stays within the facility, the demand for nursing home care is Read More >>

6 Ways You Can Prevent Elder Abuse in New York Nursing Homes

Nobody wants to imagine that their older family members could be suffering from abuse, but elder abuse is unfortunately common. In the United States, the population of older adults is growing quicker than younger populations, and many older adults are vulnerable to violence perpetrated by a caregiver or someone they trust. Countless elder abuse cases go unreported, often because victims are too Read More >>

Why Medication Errors in a Nursing Home May Be a Sign of Nursing Home Abuse

Most older adults have injuries or long-term illnesses that require regular medication. For nursing home residents, most individuals rely on the staff to provide treatment and care. Taking the medication at a specific time and having the right amount is the nursing home’s responsibility. Serious harm can result from medication errors within nursing homes, so any mistakes can show the facility's Read More >>

How Nursing Home Negligence Affects Your Loved One’s Mental Illness

Mental illness is a challenge to manage at any age. However, doing so when a loved one is living in a nursing home can be even more difficult, especially if you live far away and can only visit periodically. Therefore, when nursing home negligence occurs, it can exacerbate the symptoms of mental illness and cause someone already struggling to decompensate mentally over a short period. Knowing the Read More >>

Brooklyn Nursing Home Negligence Suit — John Dalli Feature

Nursing home abuse takes many forms, and in many instances, the results can be devastating for families. This is especially true in situations involving bedsores, which can come with significant health risks. Families unsure of what to do in the face of gross negligence have found a tireless advocate in John Dalli of Dalli & Marino. Dalli’s firm has garnered a reputation for holding nursing Read More >>

Effects of Elder Abuse in New York Nursing Homes

People move their loved ones into nursing homes to receive care in a safe and nurturing environment as they continue to advance in age. Some have chronic health conditions that require more attention than can be provided at home. However, this also leaves nursing home residents more vulnerable to abuse, especially if their communication ability has been blunted by memory issues or deteriorating Read More >>

John Dalli Helps Client Get Justice Following a Nursing Home Abuse Case

On December 27, 2021, award-winning nursing home abuse lawyer John Dalli made it his mission to help a family get justice in a case that began in January of 2017. Through dedication, Dalli helped the family of Olive Roberts receive justice for her mistreatment and abuse in the nursing home.  A New York Nursing Home Abuse Case Resolved In the courtroom, Hon. Genine Edwards listened and took notes Read More >>

John Dalli, Esq Gets Justice For Neglected Nursing Home Resident

On December 21, 2021, award-winning nursing home neglect and abuse lawyer John Dalli won a $750,000.00 verdict at trial for the family of Olive Roberts who was neglected in a Brooklyn nursing home. A New York Nursing Home Abuse Case Resolved At Trial In the courtroom, Hon. Genine Edwards listened and took notes as the plaintiff’s attorney, John Dalli, of Dalli & Marino, referenced on-screen Read More >>

Nursing Home Residents with COVID-19 Boosters Less Likely to Get COVID

Recently, the CDC released data showing that nursing home residents who are vaccinated with a booster dose are 10 times less likely to contract COVID-19 than vaccinated residents who lack a booster. Rochelle Walensky, the director of the CDC, also said the data shows that cases have been rising in long-term care facilities. However, the residents most affected are those who are unvaccinated or Read More >>

Nursing Home Falls May Be Preventable through Physical Activity

Making the decision to send a loved one to live at a nursing home is not one that comes lightly. When choosing the perfect facility for a family member, families want to pick a nursing home that they truly believe will keep their loved ones safe. One of the leading causes of injuries to nursing home residents is falling. Typically, nursing homes report a couple of hundred resident falls each Read More >>