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Attorney General James’ Office Secures $8.6 Million Settlement With a Long Island Nursing Home

Attorney General Letitia James’s (AG James’) office has secured a settlement of $8.6 million with Fulton Commons, a licensed Long Island nursing home accused of resident mistreatment and neglect as well as financial fraud. The care center is marketed as offering “premium healthcare services provided by highly skilled and trained personnel with years of experience”. However, investigations revealed Read More >>

Can Another Resident Be Held Liable for Nursing Home Abuse?

Nursing home abuse is a serious and widespread problem, with many elderly individuals suffering from physical, emotional, and financial abuse on a regular basis. Although most nursing home abuse is perpetrated by staff members who are in positions of authority over the residents, there have been instances where another resident has also been held responsible for the abuse. The process of Read More >>

Types of Expert Witnesses in Nursing Home Cases

Evidence is important when building a case for nursing home abuse or neglect. In addition to nursing home documentation, photographs, and your own observations and documentation, expert testimonies can be powerful substantiations of the injuries and mental anguish your loved one suffered due to abuse or neglect. Expert witnesses can also attest to missteps a nursing home facility may have made in Read More >>

How to Choose the Best Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer for Your Case

If you've seen signs that your loved one is being abused in a nursing home, it’s important to reach out to a lawyer to make sure they are fairly protected and represented. The abuse may be causing physical harm, emotional distress, and an erosion of their quality of life.  An excellent nursing home abuse attorney from Dalli & Marino, LLP has the knowledge and experience to go after nursing Read More >>

Is Poor Hygiene a Sign of Abuse in Nursing Homes?

Nursing homes are meant to be sanctuaries of care and comfort for our elderly loved ones. However, the increasing number of alarming reports of abuse and neglect in these facilities might make you question the care our seniors get. One telling indicator of potential abuse is poor hygiene among nursing home residents.  While not all cases of poor hygiene indicate abuse, it's essential to Read More >>

Can Nursing Home Abuse Happen Online?

With the growing adaptation of new social technology, new challenges are introduced. One such concern that has emerged is the potential for nursing home abuse to occur online. Nursing homes, which provide care and support for our elderly loved ones, now face the complex task of safeguarding residents not only in physical spaces but also in the virtual realm. Fortunately, you can take legal Read More >>

4 Factors Contributing to Nursing Home Abuse in Elderly Women

More than a million elderly people currently reside in nursing homes, and that number is expected to rise as the massive Baby Boomer generation continues to age. While families place a good deal of trust in these facilities and their ability to provide a dignified and enjoyable existence for their loved ones, it is an unfortunate reality that not all of these places earn the trust they're given. Read More >>

Putting an End to New York’s Predatory Nursing Home Operators

Senior citizens are living longer than ever, meaning that an increased number of seniors will require nursing home care in the coming years. Despite this substantial need, the number of nursing homes is declining across the country. According to a study by the Long Term Care Community Coalition, New York’s nursing homes are among the most underperforming in the United States. Unfortunately, Read More >>

Does Caregiver Burnout Increase the Likelihood of Nursing Home Abuse?

Understaffing is among one of the many serious issues plaguing nursing homes. The pandemic worsened the situation as well, as many certified nursing assistants, assisted living managers, and caregivers lost their jobs. This, in turn, left multiple nursing homes understaffed. It's not surprising that employees tasked with caring responsibilities suffer burnout due to caregiving demands. However, Read More >>

Are All Nursing Home Abuse Victims Required to Testify in Court?

If you're worried whether a loved one who has been injured in a nursing home must testify in court, your concerns are warranted. While a nursing home abuse lawsuit may get them a financial recovery, it's understandable that you want to protect them from the undue physical and emotional stress of a trial. About 1 in 10 or up to 5 million Americans aged 60 or older experience at least one form of Read More >>

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