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How to Find and Gather Nursing Home Abuse Evidence?

If you made the tough decision to place a loved one in a nursing home, you undoubtedly did so with the expectation that your loved one would get the finest available care and treatment. Unfortunately, senior abuse incidents can occur even in institutions with the highest accreditation, particularly if the staff is underqualified or overburdened, among many other factors. It is essential in Read More >>

10 Signs of Emotional Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes

Of all forms of elder abuse in nursing homes, psychological and emotional abuse seem to be the most pervasive and common problems. Emotional abuse also seems to be the hardest to track and frequently goes unreported. Therefore, experts aren't sure how many people actually suffer from it and how frequently it's experienced. Over 1.5 million individuals today live in nursing homes in the U.S. Read More >>

How Nursing Homes Try to Cover Up Neglect and Abuse

Not everyone who supervises your loved one’s well-being has their best interest at heart. There are some nursing homes that may want to take advantage of your loved one. These individuals can take advantage of your loved one’s vulnerability while relying on their position or fellow team members to hide their malevolent behavior. There are several different ways nursing homes can try to cover up Read More >>

Safe Ways to Keep Elders Active in the Summer

Elderly loved ones deserve as many opportunities to stretch their legs as anyone else this summer. Keeping elderly loved ones safe and active, however, can be a challenge. Unfortunately, the longer your elderly loved ones go without regular activity, the more likely their health is to suffer. Regular activity can keep your loved ones healthy and ensure that their mental health remains in good Read More >>

How Unsafe Food Handling Can Be a Form of Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing homes do more than ensure that your loved ones receive adequate healthcare. These institutions are also responsible for your loved one’s day-to-day enrichment and well-being. This means that nursing homes must abide by certain food safety standards if their loved ones are to remain happy and healthy. Unfortunately, some nursing homes are inclined to cut corners in the kitchen. This is Read More >>

How to Identify Unintentional Injuries From Physical Abuse in New York Nursing Homes

The people who physically abuse the elders in their care often do not want the outside world to know what they are doing. In many cases, these parties will try to hide the signs of their abuse or shame their victims into hiding that evidence for them. There are times, though, when extensive physical abuse can result in unintentional injury.  If an elderly individual is under the care of a Read More >>

What Are the Different Stages of Bedsores?

As the people you love get older, it can be more difficult for them to move as they used to. Sedentary behavior is not always a bad thing, but spending a significant amount of time sitting or lying in the same position can see a person start to develop bedsores. If a person you love is in a nursing home or assisted living facility, the staff at these institutions should help them prevent the Read More >>

New York Nursing Home Negligence Statute of Limitations

Nursing home negligence is becoming a prevalent problem affecting elderly adults in the US. In 2014, over 14,000 complaints were filed regarding specific instances of abuse or neglect. Similar to other types of crimes, however, many instances also go unreported. If you have experienced New York nursing home negligence, you’ll need to take action within the statute of limitations. Working with an Read More >>

5 Ways to Avoid Financial Nursing Home Abuse

Financial nursing home abuse is a problem elderly adults commonly face. While this type of abuse can affect adults of all ages, elderly residents of nursing homes are especially susceptible and highly at risk due to different factors such as health conditions like dementia. It is estimated that in 2018 alone, New York elderly victims suffered 109 million dollars in losses. The suffering due to Read More >>

Adult Protective Services (APS) Help Victims of Nursing Home Abuse

The use of Adult Protective Services (APS) is a significant help to victims that have endured nursing home abuse. APS consists of services that promote the safety, independence, and improvement of quality of life for elderly residents in nursing homes who are in danger or have been abused, neglected, or financially exploited. APS, a social service program, is set up to protect and serve in every Read More >>