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Elderly Woman’s Estate Awarded $400,000 For Fractured Hip Caused By Neglect At a Bronx Nursing Home

An elderly woman’s estate recently recovered $400,000 from a Bronx nursing home found liable for the negligence that caused her to fall and break her hip. The settlement was negotiated by the nursing home abuse attorneys at the law firm Dalli & Marino, LLP. “The facility’s staff failed to properly assess her as a fall risk when she first arrived and then failed again to sufficiently monitor Read More >>

Liability Verdict and Subsequent 1.7 Million Dollar Settlement for Truck Driver Injured on Forklift

Jonel Marina v. Benfield Electric Supply Corporation: Plaintiff Jonel Marina, a truck driver, was making a delivery of electrical supplies to defendant Benfield’s warehouse. In order to extricate two pallets of electric wire from the back of Mr. Marina’a truck, a forklift operator employed by defendant asked him to stand on the forks of the forklift and use a hand jack to drag the pallets out. Read More >>

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