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Attorney General James’ Office Secures $8.6 Million Settlement With a Long Island Nursing Home

Attorney General Letitia James’s (AG James’) office has secured a settlement of $8.6 million with Fulton Commons, a licensed Long Island nursing home accused of resident mistreatment and neglect as well as financial fraud. The care center is marketed as offering “premium healthcare services provided by highly skilled and trained personnel with years of experience”. However, investigations revealed Read More >>

Why Nursing Home Elopement May Be a Sign of Neglect

It is heartbreaking to consider the possibility of your loved one eloping from a nursing home. Elopement, or wandering away from a nursing facility, can be a sign of neglect and should not be taken lightly. It can happen for many reasons, including anxiety and confusion due to an unfamiliar environment or inadequate staffing levels that don’t provide enough attention to residents.  The problem Read More >>

Fungal Infections in Nursing Homes: What You Need to Know

When fungal infections are allowed to spread throughout the close quarters of a nursing home, this can provide more medical difficulties for residents. Nursing home residents usually have weakened immune systems due to age, medical conditions, or medications, so they often can't fight off infections effectively. Knowing the signs of various fungal infections is important if your loved one lives in Read More >>

Loved One Suffers an Allergic Reaction in a Nursing Home: Your Next Steps

When you finally make that hard decision to place your loved one in a nursing home, you expect the staff to provide for their needs and protect them from harm. Sadly, some nursing home staff members are negligent and often make mistakes that can hurt your loved one's recovery. They may end up providing your loved one with food, medication, or products that contain an ingredient they're allergic Read More >>

How Are Nursing Home Falls a Sign of Neglect?

Nursing homes are supposed to be a safe haven for your elderly loved ones. However, the unfortunate reality is that some nursing homes fail to provide the quality care their residents need. One of the most alarming and distressing issues that can arise in these facilities is falls among the elderly residents.  Nursing home falls are not merely accidents; they often signify a more profound Read More >>

How Isolation Affects Dementia in the Elderly

Deciding to put your loved one with dementia in a nursing home is a big decision. Therefore, you expect the nursing home to provide extra around-the-clock care and medical attention. You also expect them to create a safe and pleasant living environment that helps improve your loved one's condition. Unfortunately, the staff members may fail to uphold the standard of care, leaving your loved one Read More >>

Attorney John Dalli Discusses Long Island Nursing Home Neglect in Newsday Article

In the wake of recent disturbing incidents in Long Island nursing homes, it is evident that the issue of neglect and inadequate care cannot be overlooked. As we uncover the shocking lapses in patient care, it becomes increasingly crucial to hold nursing homes accountable for their actions and demand justice for the vulnerable residents under their care. One firm that has been at the forefront of Read More >>

Proving Nursing Home Neglect When the Defendant Has Dementia

Due to federal and state laws, nursing homes have a tremendous task of ensuring that their residents are provided with a safe existence. While nursing home neglect is commonly interpreted as the failure of an understaffed and possibly inadequately trained facility, many people do not realize that neglect also includes failure of the staff to protect the resident from abuse perpetrated by other Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About Nursing Home Falls

Nursing home falls should not happen, but they unfortunately are more of a common occurrence than we may think. When they do occur, it's usually a sign that the nursing home failed to take reasonable steps to protect its residents' safety and well-being.  If your loved one fell and got hurt while residing at a nursing home, you may need to take immediate action to safeguard their health and Read More >>

How Unsafe Food Handling Can Affect Nursing Home Residents

Nursing homes are responsible for feeding all their residents several meals daily. However, if they don't handle the food safely, it can result in the residents of the nursing home becoming sick or even dying. While individuals of any age can be threatened with foodborne illness, it's particularly riskier for those over 65 years old due to chronic diseases, weakened immune systems, and age-related Read More >>

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