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6 Ways You Can Prevent Elder Abuse in New York Nursing Homes

Nobody wants to imagine that their older family members could be suffering from abuse, but elder abuse is unfortunately common. In the United States, the population of older adults is growing quicker than younger populations, and many older adults are vulnerable to violence perpetrated by a caregiver or someone they trust. Countless elder abuse cases go unreported, often because victims are too Read More >>

Top 4 Causes of Sepsis in New York Nursing Homes

Sepsis is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition where the body’s response to an infection harms its own tissues. The processes that fight infections turn on the body and start to damage tissue, causing organs to function poorly. Sepsis is often caused by viruses, bacterial, and fungal infections. Those with weak immune systems and with the risk of exposure to infections are more Read More >>

What to Do If a Loved One Experiences a Serious Injury in a New York Nursing Home

Relocating a loved one into a long-term care facility is not an easy decision. It can be tough to release the care and well-being of our elderly family members into the hands of strangers, but it is often necessary to ensure they receive the care they need. Nursing homes in New York are required to meet certain standards in order to keep their residents safe and healthy. Unfortunately, some New Read More >>

Can You Report Elder Abuse Anonymously?

Deciding to put your elderly loved one in the care of a nursing home or home care company is a difficult choice. It can be hard to trust the staff and caretakers entrusted with your family member's well-being. Unfortunately, that mistrusting feeling often comes with good reason due to the one in every ten elderly Americans who suffer some kind of abuse each year. Dalli & Marino is a team of Read More >>

2 Ways to Prevent Caregiver Theft

The decision to hire a home caregiver for an elderly loved one is never easy. After taking the time to research a home care company and its caregivers, most people will feel they have built a level of trust with the staff. Unfortunately, that trust is often broken. According to the National Association of Nursing Home Abuse, caregiver theft is a common form of abuse suffered by elderly Read More >>

Increase in Calls to FATE During Pandemic Sheds Light on the Nursing Home Crisis

The Foundation Aiding the Elderly (FATE), a nonprofit focused on fighting for elders, has seen a major increase in calls as a result of the pandemic. In fact, Carole Herman, the founder of the nonprofit recently said their call intake had tripled since the start of the pandemic. Herman, who has been running Fate since the 1980s notes that nursing abuse and neglect is not a new phenomenon but that Read More >>

Delays in Responding to Nursing Home Alarms Leads to Injuries

When you find a nursing home suitable for a loved one, you expect assurances regarding their well-being and safety. After all, many people opt for nursing home care because of the increased level of oversight and attention given to their loved ones in their advancing years. When issues crop up like delays in responding to nursing home alarms, injuries may occur. As the go-to New York nursing Read More >>

How to Manage Wandering Behavior in New York Nursing Homes

Wandering behavior can be concerning enough to compel you to move your loved one to a nursing home. These facilities are equipped to handle whatever medical condition is contributing to the behavior in question. However, as a family member or friend, you may still be concerned about this behavior and contribute ideas to help control it. Nursing homes should train staff members to manage Read More >>

What Is Social Media Abuse in Nursing Homes?

Social media has become an integral part of society today. In the United States, there are 200 million individuals using social media on various platforms. Social media has many positive aspects, including staying connected with loved ones from anywhere in the world; however, there are many negative aspects to social media. Many laws have not kept pace with the fast growth of social media. Because Read More >>

7 Red Flags to Look For When Choosing a Nursing Home in New York

Choosing a nursing home should not be an easy task. In fact, the process of selecting a nursing home should be difficult and take a lot of time and consideration. The nursing home you eventually choose will be the facility that you entrust with the care of your elderly loved one. It has been reported that one in three individuals experience nursing home abuse; therefore, it is crucial to look for Read More >>