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Complications That May Arise From Frequent Bed Sores

For elderly residents of nursing homes that suffer from mobility issues, frequent bedsores may be common. Additionally, other medical issues exacerbate the potential for developing bedsores, such as diabetes or poor circulation. When bedsores become a frequent issue, other complications may arise as well, such as gangrene and sepsis. These complications can be dire and costly to treat. 

Frequent bedsores can also be an issue of nursing home negligence and inadequate care. If your loved one has developed complicated medical issues due to constant bedsores, speak with an experienced New York nursing home lawyer for an assessment of your case. You may be able to hold the party responsible for terrible injuries endured by your family member. Treating complications that arise from bedsores can be financially, emotionally, and physically difficult. Let the compassionate lawyers at Dalli & Marino help hold the negligent party accountable for their actions. 

How Bed Sores Develop in New York Nursing Homes

Bedsores are trauma to the skin and underlying tissue usually caused by prolonged pressure on the surface of the skin. This damage usually occurs on the bony areas of the body because they do not have protective fat covering them from external pressure. The damage sustained from this type of injury can be severe because it penetrates deep into the body and leads to serious complications. Areas of the body that are frequently affected by bedsores include: 

  • Back 
  • Hip bones 
  • Glutes 
  • Shoulder blades 
  • Elbows 
  • Ankles 
  • Heels of the foot 
  • Back of the skull  

If your skin becomes injured, any pressure on the area can exacerbate it and make it worse with time. These areas are also susceptible to this type of injury because they often have more nerves in that area and little to no support beneath the skin. Bedsores require round-the-clock care. If you suspect your loved one to be the victim of negligence while enduring bedsore injuries, speak with an experienced New York nursing home lawyer for an assessment of your case. 

Complications That May Arise From Frequent Bedsores 

Complications that may arise from frequent bedsores can result in prolonged hospital stays, intense, lasting pain, and a diminished quality of life. These sores, usually affecting the bony areas of the body, occur when blood flow circulation has been restricted for an extended period of time, usually a period of two hours or more. 

Without the proper attention, the local area develops severe skin damage where the dead tissue creates a painful, open wound. The elderly, critically ill residents, and those suffering from mobility issues are most likely to develop complications due to frequent bedsores. 

These conditions may develop due to complications from frequent bedsores: 

Cellulitis From Frequent Bedsores 

A bedsore infection can penetrate deep within the skin and cause cellulitis. Cellulitis can cause severe swelling of the skin, extreme pain, and redness. Without treatment of antibiotics, the resident can suffer critical, life-threatening infections that can spread to the joints, bloodstream, and bones. If cellulitis is found in the lower back, the infection can penetrate the spinal cord and eventually the brain. 

Osteomyelitis From Frequent Bedsores 

Osteomyelitis, or infection of the bone and joints, can cause severe damage to the resident’s bones, joints, and cartilage. The only way to heal this infection is specific, heavy doses of antibiotics or surgical removal of joint or bone tissue. 

Gangrene From Frequent Bedsores 

Gangrene is a rare but serious life-threatening condition, produced by a gas emitted from a specific bacteria found in bedsores called clostridium. This type of bacteria flourishes in injured areas where little to no oxygen is found. The resident usually experiences intense pain and swelling in the area where gangrene is rapidly forming. 

Without surgical intervention, where the dead skin is removed, the resident will have to amputate the affected areas to prevent gangrene from spreading throughout the body. 

Sepsis From Frequent Bedsores 

A common condition due to frequent bedsores is sepsis. This blood infection can rapidly spread throughout the body and cause organ failure and death. Without adequate treatment, residents can suffer septic shock, with only a 50% chance of survival. Symptoms of sepsis include fever, lethargy, agitation, anxiousness, diminished awareness, and loss of appetite. 

Necrotizing Fasciitis From Frequent Bedsores 

Necrotizing fasciitis from frequent bedsores is caused by Streptococci bacteria and is a critical condition that causes rapid death and decay of affected tissues. This condition is often referred to as flesh-eating bacteria and requires immediate medical treatment to surgically remove the affected areas. 

Nursing Homes May Be Financially Liable for Damages in Negligence Cases 

Nursing home residents who are victims of negligence are among the most likely to develop complications due to frequent bedsores. Bedsores require round-the-clock care and expert diagnoses in complex conditions. Other factors such as food and water deprivation, failure of constant turning and repositioning of residents, poor hygiene care, and cuts from bed rails can all lead to bedsores and complications. 

Nursing home abuse and negligence are serious, and you have legal rights if your loved one has developed severe complications due to frequent bedsores. The mortality rate is high for victims that are suffering from serious conditions due to bedsores. Speak with an experienced New York nursing home lawyer for legal guidance if you believe your family member was injured due to nursing home negligence. You may be able to obtain compensation for financial, physical, and emotional losses. 

Speak With a New York Nursing Home Lawyer to Seek Accountability for Negligence 

Bedsores require constant care and medical attention. Nursing home staff are required by law to uphold a duty of care for nursing home residents. If you believe your family member has endured terrible complications due to negligence and preventable facility-acquired bedsores, speak to the New York nursing home lawyers at Dalli & Marino. We are here to help the responsible party be accountable for their careless actions and care of your loved one. 

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