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Brooklyn Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Brooklyn Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Choosing a nursing home for an elderly loved one can be one of the hardest decisions a family ever makes. The choices a family has are not great—nobody wants to place their loved one in a nursing home. However, many families have no other option. Serving Brooklyn and the New York City Greater Metropolitan Area, Dalli & Marino, LLP has represented and defended the elderly and their families in cases of nursing home abuse and other forms of elder abuse for over two decades.

Our team of Brooklyn nursing home abuse lawyers understands the difficulty you are facing, and the worry you may now have for the well-being of your cherished loved one in a nursing home. We are dedicated to pursuing cases of nursing home neglect, and our nursing home abuse attorneys in Brooklyn have the experience and knowledge required to represent you and your loved one. Our results speak for themselves; please contact us to learn more.

Statistics on Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Elder abuse and neglect are almost unthinkable crimes. Unfortunately, they occur far too often. Recently, The Special Investigations Division of the House Government Reform Committee found that approximately 30% of nursing homes—some 5,283 facilities—were cited for nearly 9,000 instances of abuse in a two-year period. In 1,601 of those instances, the abuse was serious enough to “cause actual harm to residents or to place the residents in immediate jeopardy of death or serious injury.”

What Are Common Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in Brooklyn, NY?

Because nursing home abuse and neglect have become so prevalent in America, it’s essential for family members with loved ones in a nursing facility to be aware of warning signs.

Has your loved one experienced any of the following?

  • Bedsores
  • Dehydration
  • Physical and mental abuse
  • Neglect
  • Injury
  • Wrongful death
  • Sexual abuse
  • Malnutrition
  • Falls

If the answer is yes, or you even suspect it may be, contact us today. Dalli & Marino, LLP offers free consultations for families who suspect elder abuse. Our knowledgeable nursing home abuse lawyers in Brooklyn, NY will sit down with you and evaluate your case, free of charge. There is no obligation, so no need to wait.

Bedsores Are Common First Signs of Neglect in a Nursing Home

If your loved one has expressed or you suspect that they’re in pain from bedsores caused by the poor treatment they’re receiving in a nursing home, it’s vital to their health that you take this as a severe warning sign. Bedsores are commonly the first signs of physical neglect in a nursing home. When your loved one has difficulty moving around, walking, or taking care of themselves, they rely on nurses and other nursing home staff members to keep their blood flow and circulation healthy. Bedsores can proliferate and progress at an alarming rate.

When visiting your loved one at a Brooklyn nursing home, be vigilant for signs of neglect. Often, nursing care facilities will try to hide any signs of abuse or neglect. Ask your loved one how they’re being treated, and if they can’t respond, it’s critical to have a keen awareness and look for any clues that indicate neglect that can lead to bedsores or worse.

Signs of neglect include:

  • Unkempt personal hygiene
  • Neglected housekeeping
  • Urine or fecal odors
  • Dirty clothing
  • Stained sheets

Bedsores are never the fault of your loved one but rather almost always the result of a negligent nursing home facility and staff. If not treated quickly and effectively, bedsores can lead to worsened pressure sores and ulcers that can become infected and deadly. Contact our nursing home abuse attorneys in Brooklyn today to get started on your case. We are dedicated to fighting for your love one’s justice. 

Nursing Home Neglect is a Leading Cause of Brain Injuries in the Elderly

Brain injuries in the elderly are often the result of nursing home neglect. One of the most challenging components of brain injury cases is seeing how some nursing facilities treat our elderly loved ones. At this particular time, when they are owed the most attention and respect, senior citizens are sometimes neglected by careless and underpaid nursing staff.

Some brain injuries are caused by falls that are the consequence of inadequate bed rails, slippery floors, or overmedication. When thoughtless caregivers fail to supervise residents debilitated by illness or dementia, there can be devastating consequences. You can keep your elderly loved one safe by being hyper-aware of the conditions that could lead to a fall and result in a fatal brain injury.

What Damages Are Available in a Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Lawsuit in Brooklyn, New York?

If you or a loved one is suffering from nursing home abuse or neglect, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the nursing home facility to recover damages for your pain and losses. Compensation that Brooklyn nursing home abuse lawyers at Dalli & Marino seek can be broken down into two categories: compensatory damages and punitive damages.

Compensatory damages are intended to repay the plaintiff for the harm they suffered and the losses incurred from the nursing home facility’s or defendant’s negligence. This category includes compensation for things such as:

  • Nursing home negligence
  • Physical abuse
  • Malnutrition and dehydration
  • Disfigurement
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

By contrast, punitive damages are not meant to compensate for the direct losses of the plaintiff. Instead, punitive damages are meant to punish the defendant for past inexcusable behavior and to discourage any comparable behavior in the future. Punitive damages are not awarded in all nursing home abuse lawsuits; only when the defendant’s conduct was especially harmful and willful.

Call Our Skilled Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys in Brooklyn, NY Today

While we hope—as much as you do—that you will never experience the grief and betrayal such crimes can cause, we stand ready to make sure your own loved ones do not join these statistics. But we can’t help unless you let us. Please don’t wait. Call us immediately. You may have to stand up for the very same person who once stood up for you, but you don’t have to do it alone. Let our Brooklyn nursing home neglect lawyers at Dalli & Marino, LLP stand at your side and fight for your family.

We can represent you and your family for nursing home abuse, whether you are in New York, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens, Staten Island, or Westchester County.

To discuss your personal injury matter with an attorney at Dalli & Marino, contact us for a free case evaluation by calling 888-465-8790 or completing our contact form.

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