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Why Do Medication Errors Occur in Nursing Homes?

Medication errors—any mistake in the prescribing, dispensing, or administering of a drug—are now the third-leading cause of death in the United States, having surpassed Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Medication errors are often the result of ineffective prescribing, sloppy handwriting, misleading packaging, incorrect dispensing, and issues with manufacturing. These kinds of mistakes can happen in any Read More >>

Tips for Reducing Your Risk of a Prescription Error

In any given week, four out of five adults will use prescription medication, over-the-counter drugs, or dietary or herbal settlements in the United States. Nearly a third of adults take five or more different medications, and it’s estimated that nearly half of the population used at least one prescription drug in the last 30 days. With so many Americans frequently consuming medication, mistakes in Read More >>

Five Most Common Medical Errors in NYC

Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare provider deviates from their duty to provide competent care, causing injury to a patient. Not only do medical errors pose a significant threat to the health and safety of the public, but they can also leave a devastating emotional and financial impact on patients and families. Each year, roughly 250,000 patients die as a result of medical mistakes, Read More >>

Understaffing At Nursing Homes Often Leads To Elder Abuse Including Bedsores and Falls

As the U.S. population ages, the need for quality elder care increases nationwide. Often, families turn to skilled nursing facilities to provide the best care for their loved ones. But some estimates reveal an alarmingly disproportionate ratio of staff to residents that can result in negligence and abuse. On average, U.S. nursing homes have one aide on duty for every 10 residents, based on Read More >>