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Attorney General James’ Office Secures $8.6 Million Settlement With a Long Island Nursing Home

Attorney General Letitia James’s (AG James’) office has secured a settlement of $8.6 million with Fulton Commons, a licensed Long Island nursing home accused of resident mistreatment and neglect as well as financial fraud. The care center is marketed as offering “premium healthcare services provided by highly skilled and trained personnel with years of experience”. However, investigations revealed Read More >>

Nursing Home Lost My Parent’s Hearing Aids: Can I Sue?

As our loved ones age and reach the point in their lives where a nursing home is needed, there are many concerns about safety, nutrition, and care. Hearing loss is common in older people and is usually the first sense that starts to diminish with age. When we trust nursing homes to tend for our older relatives, we include possessions like hearing aids and other belongings.  Hearing aids are one Read More >>

Resident to Resident Nursing Home Abuse: What You Need to Know 

Resident to Resident Nursing Home Abuse: What You Need to Know  If your elderly family member is transitioning into a long-term care facility, you may be concerned about the possibility of them enduring nursing home abuse. Sadly, nursing home residents tend to see the most abuse from an unexpected source: other residents. In a long-term care community setting, resident-to-resident abuse Read More >>

STDs Might Signify Neglect Among Nursing Home Residents 

The act of forcing, tricking, threatening, or otherwise coercing someone to engage in sexual contact, whether they consent or not, may constitute sexual abuse. For anyone, it’s quite possible to contract a sexually transmitted disease by engaging in sexual activity. However, the presence of STDs in nursing homes may suggest the occurrence of sexual abuse. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) Read More >>

Caregiving From a Distance: How to Check for Signs of Abuse

Caregiving from a distance can be a challenge. Transitioning loved ones to a nursing home requires a lot of trust in the facility’s staff. While you can visit your family in person, talk to them on the phone, or hire a personal care manager for them, you don’t have round-the-clock access to observe the quality of care they are receiving. Unfortunately, nursing homes can engage in abusive and Read More >>

Nursing Home Reforms Follow Deadly Year in New York

New York has been one of the states hit hardest by the pandemic. While most New Yorkers were affected by COVID-19, nursing home residents were especially impacted. In fact, New York has reported 13,800 deaths in nursing homes, which is more than any other state’s fatalities in long-term care facilities. To make matters worse, the controversy surrounding the Cuomo administration’s handling of Read More >>

Gov. Cuomo’s Team Allegedly Underreported COVID-19 Nursing Home Deaths

A recent report published by the Wall Street Journal reveals that Governor Andrew Cuomo’s closest advisors “successfully pushed” New York health officials to omit high-level data points regarding COVID-19 nursing home death reports in July. The omission of data was said to have grossly under-reported residents who died of the virus.  What Happened with COVID-19 Nursing Home Reports in NY?  The Read More >>

Attorney General Says NY Nursing Home Deaths Undercounted by as Much as 50%

It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has taken an enormous toll on nursing homes throughout the country, claiming the lives of nearly 126,000 residents and staff across 4,100 facilities and accounting for close to 40 percent of all COVID-19 deaths in the United States. Because the virus is particularly lethal to the elderly and those with underlying conditions, nursing home residents are Read More >>

How Can You Protect Your Loved One’s Privacy When Working with a Caregiver?

We all value our privacy, and healthcare privacy is something many people value the most. Our medical records and history are private pieces of information through the Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals can only share health information if you permit them to do so. When using the services of a professional Read More >>

Is There a Correlation Between Nursing Home Medicaid Funding and Abuse and Neglect?

When you place an elderly family member in a nursing home, you put a large amount of trust in the establishment and its staff to care for and respect them. When that trust is broken in the form of elder abuse—which occurs when a resident suffers harm or neglect—it can lead to serious illness, severe injury, psychological damage, and even death. It’s imperative, with this in mind, that the families Read More >>

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