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3 Essential Questions to Ask When Selecting a Caregiver for Your Loved One

Whether you plan for a nursing home, an assisted living center, or an in-home caretaker to care for your loved one, you need to thoroughly research suitable caretakers, as they will be shouldering immense responsibility. There are many essential questions to ask when choosing a caregiver. These questions will help significantly lessen the chances that your loved one will experience abuse and Read More >>

Does Caregiver Burnout Increase the Likelihood of Nursing Home Abuse?

Understaffing is among one of the many serious issues plaguing nursing homes. The pandemic worsened the situation as well, as many certified nursing assistants, assisted living managers, and caregivers lost their jobs. This, in turn, left multiple nursing homes understaffed. It's not surprising that employees tasked with caring responsibilities suffer burnout due to caregiving demands. However, Read More >>

6 Characteristics of an Abusive Long-Term Caregiver

When you put your loved one's wellbeing in the hands of a nursing home caregiver, you trust that individual to keep your family member's best interest in mind. They are responsible for ensuring your loved one gets the treatment they need and receives the best care possible. Unfortunately, a caregiver may show red flags that indicate elderly abuse, which can be extremely difficult to Read More >>

4 Ways to Support Your Loved One’s Caregiver

As your loved ones get older, you’ll probably start a conversation with your family members about how you plan to care for them. Most of these conversations end in a decision to entrust the aging family member to a caregiver. It’s no secret that being a caregiver is a challenging job. Going the extra mile to make your loved one’s caregiver feel seen and appreciated can be a great way to show Read More >>

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