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Why NYC Construction Accidents Are on the Rise

New York City is home to some of the most recognizable skylines in the entire world. The work completed on construction projects enables New Yorkers and visitors to enjoy the skylines. Unfortunately, the most potentially dangerous industry in New York right now is the construction industry. According to recent research, New York is experiencing increased construction accident injuries. If you were hurt in a construction-related accident, you are entitled to seek monetary compensation, which may also assist you in covering the costs of your injuries.

On construction sites, workplace security is the responsibility of the owners and general contractors. However, crucial preventive measures may be overlooked when an employer pressures employees to finish a job quickly and at the cheapest possible cost. If this occurs and you are injured in the process, the construction site operator or contractor may be held liable for your injuries. The construction accident lawyers at Dalli & Marino, LLP are highly knowledgeable and are here to support you so you get the compensation you deserve.

What Are the Most Common Causes of New York City Construction Accidents?

Every day, construction workers are subjected to a variety of hazards. Workers in this field are routinely injured. However, the number of fatalities and injuries is increasing, even though labor rules restrict the hazards and dangers of the building industry. The following is a list of the top five causes of construction injuries, which may help to pinpoint the source of the problem:


Falls are by far the most frequent cause of accidents at construction sites. Falls can cause head, back, spinal cord, and other injuries. The effects of inadequate or non-existent fall protection on a building site can be disastrous. Paying medical bills and other expenditures when you cannot work due to your injuries can grow exponentially before you know it.

Because construction sites frequently feature elevated work zones, falling accidents can be disastrous for the workers who sustain them. Falling accidents are greatly increased when businesses or contractors disregard construction safety regulations. In such circumstances, they may face legal consequences for their negligence.

Struck by Falling Objects

People are frequently shocked to discover the volume of trash, supplies, and machinery used above them on New York City’s countless construction projects. There is a reason why a hard hat is required for everyone who enters a building site. Workers may inadvertently drop equipment, materials, and machines, potentially causing catastrophic damage to people on the street below them.

Unfortunately, objects falling from these heights provide a risk to unwary bystanders and other workers below, who could sustain deadly head, neck, and back injuries. The contractor, construction firm, negligent construction employees, and equipment makers may be held accountable in numerous New York City construction site accident claims for fatal injuries caused by falling debris.

Scaffolding Accidents

Construction workers frequently use scaffolds during their work. Scaffolding can collapse or malfunction, causing potentially fatal or life-altering injuries. The restrictions in New York are fairly severe and are intended to reduce the likelihood of scaffolding accidents. Despite this, scaffolding mishaps continue and cause construction worker fatalities and injuries. Scaffolding injuries can also be brought on by a worker sliding or being hit by an object.

Poor scaffolding construction or improper maintenance is to blame for most scaffold safety accidents. To help injured workers in New York cover their medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering, the state has a particular law created with their protection in mind. Construction legal firms such as Dalli & Marino, LLP pursue construction lawsuits to obtain compensation for these injured workers.

Defective or Dangerous Equipment

Tools are necessary on any construction site. Using power tools and construction equipment obviously carries certain inherent risks. However, these hazards are worsened by malfunctioning equipment, electrical flaws, a lack of suitable worker training, or insufficient safety equipment.

Construction personnel rely on their equipment to accomplish their tasks. When this equipment is substandard or malfunctions due to improper maintenance or inadequate training, it can result in deadly injuries. When this occurs, the designers, manufacturers, distributors, and other third parties may all have responsibility.

Vehicle Accidents and Failures

The use of graders, backhoes, trucks, and forklifts on construction sites is the cause of numerous workplace accidents every year. For example, visibility and control are reduced when operators drive a forklift with the load lifted. This can result in collisions or being caught in the middle of an accident. Proper vehicle operation training is required to keep a construction site safe and functional.

Cranes are also routinely used to hoist items on huge construction projects. You are entitled to compensation if a crane or other vehicle injures or hurts you or a loved one. It’s often in your best interests to partner with a construction accident lawyer who will work tirelessly to obtain the compensation you may be entitled to.

Who Is Liable for Injuries to Construction Workers?

Construction site negligence can result in severe brain or spinal cord injuries, amputation, or other debilitating conditions that often necessitate lifelong care. Workers’ compensation payouts may give important financial support in such instances, but they are often not sufficient over time.

In New York, the prime contractor in charge of the job site is accountable for the safety of its employees, while in some instances, some subcontractors may also share part of the blame. These third parties could be negligent property owners or contractors, negligent machine operators, or producers of unsafe safety equipment.

Talk to the New York Construction Accident Lawyers at Dalli & Marino, LLP

Owners and contractors in the construction sector are morally and legally obligated to provide a safe workplace for all employees. Construction accident injury claims may fall under several different legal categories. If you or a loved one was hurt while working in the construction sector anywhere in New York, or you might have been hurt while visiting or passing a construction site, you might be entitled to financial compensation.

The qualified construction litigators at Dalli & Marino LLP can represent you. We methodically prepare each case for trial, whether the accident is caused by a ladder, scaffold, crane, forklift, or poorly managed worksite. We will be here to provide the support and care you need, and can also speak Spanish. For a free case review, call (888) 465-8790 or fill out our contact form today.

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