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Increase in Calls to FATE During Pandemic Sheds Light on the Nursing Home Crisis

The Foundation Aiding the Elderly (FATE), a nonprofit focused on fighting for elders, has seen a major increase in calls as a result of the pandemic. In fact, Carole Herman, the founder of the nonprofit recently said their call intake had tripled since the start of the pandemic. Herman, who has been running Fate since the 1980s notes that nursing abuse and neglect is not a new phenomenon but that its impact has been highlighted and exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you suspect your loved one has been the subject of abuse or neglect at their nursing home, it’s essential to take legal action. Working with a skilled nursing home abuse lawyer is the best way to ensure your loved one’s rights are protected.

How Covid Has Amplified the Issue of Neglect and Abuse in Nursing Homes Nationwide

While neglect and abuse have been a problem in the country’s nursing homes long before Covid came around, the pandemic has amplified the issues in long-term care facilities. At the start of Covid, issues of abuse and neglect were especially widespread, as no one was allowed into the facilities, so there was no one there to ensure residents were getting the protection they needed. In fact, industry activists like Herman suspect the abuse and neglect in nursing homes were much worse than anyone truly knows.

It’s no secret that Nursing Homes have been a breeding ground for the Covid crisis, accounting for nearly 20% of all Covid deaths. And many suspect that the numbers don’t reflect the gravity of the situation. In addition to the cases of neglect and abuse, Covid has had additional ripple effects on nursing home populations. With inspections, family visits, and staffing levels all down—the country’s nursing homes are recipes for disaster.

Call an Expert Nursing Home Coronavirus Lawyer in New York City

During these unprecedented times, it is absolutely essential for nursing homes to take every measure possible to protect their vulnerable populations. These measures include implementing safety precautions and protocols, instituting nursing home neglect training, and ensuring proper staffing levels. While some nursing homes and long-term care facilities have been able to meet the challenges presented by the pandemic, many have not. In fact, many long-term care facilities have failed to follow the guidelines and protocols put out by health organizations. If you suspect a loved one has suffered neglect or abuse during the coronavirus pandemic, the attorneys at Dalli & Marino are here to help.

Our seasoned New York trial attorneys have been aggressively advocating for victims of nursing abuse since 1996. We are committed to cultivating strong relationships with our clients through trusted, reliable communication. Our team of skilled attorneys approaches each case on an individual basis and is dedicated to helping you recover the money you deserve to compensate you for your experience. Give us a call at (888) 465-8790 or complete our contact form today.

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