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How Safe Are VA Nursing Homes for Elderly Veterans?

In recent years, concern over the well-being of residents at VA nursing homes has continued to grow, with reports suggesting that the level of care being administered to elderly veterans may be less than adequate. According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, hundreds of reports of abuse were made over 20 years. Despite our elderly veterans being the American heroes that put their lives on the line for our country, they are still at high risk for becoming victims of nursing home abuse. 

No one wants to find out that their loved one has fallen victim to abuse at a VA nursing home, but if it happens, the experienced nursing home abuse lawyers at Dalli & Marino may be able to help you put an end to the abuse. If you are considering putting your elderly loved one in a VA nursing home, educating yourself on how safe it truly is will be essential to their well-being. 

What Is the Standard of Care in VA Nursing Homes?

Despite the extensive amount of government funding provided to VA nursing homes, the countless reports from staff, residents, and family members put into question how that money is being used. The VA operates over one hundred nursing home facilities across the country, housing 46,000 veterans annually. 

Even though the VA monitors and ranks the quality of these facilities each year, the results are disheartening. The VA reported that 50 percent of the nursing homes they oversee received the lowest possible rating of one out of five stars for quality of care given to residents. Additionally, compared to private nursing homes, the VA nursing homes scored lower in several areas, such as preventing bed sores or trouble performing daily activities. 

VA Homes Have Been Investigated for Harming Residents

In investigations that took place in several VA nursing homes, it was discovered that the quality of life for residents living in these facilities was very low. Some examples of the poor care given to veterans are:

  • Dangerously hot water temperatures
  • Disrespectful staff
  • Improper care provided by untrained aides

In these investigations, it was also discovered that elderly veterans in these facilities were more likely to report deteriorating health and pain than residents of private nursing homes. Additionally, it was found that standard procedures for care and treatment were commonly not followed by staff. If your loved one has experienced harm at the hands of a VA nursing home staff member, getting in touch with a nursing home abuse lawyer may be helpful in building your case. 

Are VA Nursing Homes Delivering the Proper Quality of Care?

VA nursing homes have regularly stated that they provide similar quality of care to their residents as private nursing homes do. This may not be the truth. In 2009, the VA banned the release of their data describing the care given to Veterans. While federal law requires privately-owned nursing homes to disclose data depicting the quality of care, VA nursing homes do not fall under this requirement. While there has been sparse data released, all of which was concerning, many are hopeful that the VA will release all data regarding how the veterans at their facilities are treated. 

New York Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Want to Help You

The elderly veteran community spent much of their lives risking it all for the safety of our country. One would assume that VA hospitals would deliver top-of-the-line care to those who fearlessly served our country, but unfortunately, that is not the case. If your loved one has suffered at the hands of a VA nursing home caregiver, contacting a nursing home abuse lawyer may be helpful as you seek justice. 

Dalli & Marino is a team of award-winning lawyers with extensive experience defending victims of nursing home abuse. Serving clients in New York since 1996, we strive to provide the personalized care needed to handle delicate cases like these. For a free case evaluation, fill out our contact form or call (888) 465-8790.

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