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Nursing Home Lost My Parent’s Hearing Aids: Can I Sue?

As our loved ones age and reach the point in their lives where a nursing home is needed, there are many concerns about safety, nutrition, and care. Hearing loss is common in older people and is usually the first sense that starts to diminish with age. When we trust nursing homes to tend for our older relatives, we include possessions like hearing aids and other belongings. 

Hearing aids are one of the most commonly lost belongings in nursing homes. Because urgent needs like hygiene and medical care are prioritized, these items are often lost. Maintaining these essential devices can decrease the anxiety and fear that some older individuals feel when transitioning into nursing homes. While this might seem like just an expensive lost item, the loss of a vital piece of medical equipment may indicate understaffing and negligence. 

Does a Lost Hearing Aid Hint to Nursing Home Abuse?

There are many reasons why a hearing aid may have been misplaced; whether it was uncomfortable to wear or not functioning correctly, more than likely, these lost objects can hint at deeper problems within the nursing home. According to Hearing Aid Doctors, while 70% of individuals living in nursing homes have hearing loss, only 10% of those people took a hearing test the following year. 

A troubling piece of information is that a lost hearing aid may worsen the quality of life for individuals living in nursing homes, especially those with cognitive impairments. Transitioning into a new environment is always difficult, but for those struggling with dementia and Alzheimer’s, the lack of hearing can lead to more episodes of anger, anxiety, and confusion.

Nursing homes should prioritize the care and maintenance of these crucial pieces of technology for the health and well-being of their residents. Sadly, these misplaced items can hint at more improper care. Some common types of nursing home abuse are listed below: 

  • Negligence
  • Emotional or psychological abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Financial or material exploitation
  • Physical abuse

If you’re noticing signs of nursing home abuse like changes in behavior or a caregiver not allowing you to be alone with your loved one, contacting an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer can help. 

Reducing the Risk of a Lost Hearing Aid

Older individuals that inhabit nursing homes may often struggle with hearing loss and use hearing aids. It’s possible for your loved one’s device to have been misplaced or mistook for another device. Consider the following list for ways to reduce the risk of a lost hearing aid in nursing homes:

  • Label the hearing aid
  • Provide proper storage
  • Communicate with the nursing staff
  • Use clips that attach to clothing

Hearing damage or loss can significantly affect the well-being of residents of nursing homes. When transitioning into a new home, loss of hearing may disorient and frustrate our loved ones. While the above list presents many great examples of ways to reduce hearing aid loss, legal representation is advised if there are other concerning factors within the nursing home. 

Does the Nursing Home Pay for the Lost Hearing Aid?

If a nursing home loses your relative’s hearing aid, you might feel frustrated. Hearing aids are expensive and personalized for a specific individual. Replacing one of these essential medical devices can take a significant amount of time and money. Some nursing homes have policies to cover the deductible of a hearing aid replacement if the original was lost or damaged. 

Make sure to talk to your care facility about the policies for lost or damaged hearing aids. Suppose you’re unable to receive compensation for losses caused by the nursing home’s negligence and lack of care. In that case, it may be time to discuss your circumstances with an experienced legal professional. A nursing home abuse attorney can advocate for you and your loved ones’ care.

Contact an Experienced New York Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

A lot of trust goes into nursing homes. When we start to doubt the integrity of the facilities that are supposed to care for our loved ones, seeking legal guidance may provide extra support. At Dalli & Marino, we understand how frightening and stressful seeing your loved one mistreated is. This is why we dedicate our experience to providing clients with legal guidance. 

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