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Is There a Correlation Between Nursing Home Medicaid Funding and Abuse and Neglect?

When you place an elderly family member in a nursing home, you put a large amount of trust in the establishment and its staff to care for and respect them. When that trust is broken in the form of elder abuse—which occurs when a resident suffers harm or neglect—it can lead to serious illness, severe injury, psychological damage, and even death. It’s imperative, with this in mind, that the families of those who reside in nursing homes know that all reasonable safeguards are in place to ensure quality care.

However, a recent Long Term Care Community Coalition press release indicates that there may be a disparity between where nursing home providers place the blame for neglect and where the truth lies.

Do Nursing Homes Lack Accountability While Providing Substandard Care?

Medicaid is the primary funding source for the majority of nursing home services in the U.S. and covers more than 60 percent of residents nationwide. Nursing home providers are claiming that the rate at which they’re receiving reimbursement for Medicaid is inadequate and leading to substandard care. However, LTCCC wrote in their press release that these for-profit facilities are actually maximizing profits for owners and investors while skimping on resident care.

Data from the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care states that Medicaid rates have actually increased in the past decade, rising 12.6 percent since 2012. Likewise, the press release indicates nursing homes, backed by government funding, lack accountability and are raking in profits for themselves rather than their residents as a result. The release states:

“The growth of for-profit ownership in nursing homes over the years, including significant investment by private equity firms and real estate investment trusts (REITs), make it clear that nursing homes are profitable businesses which, in the absence of government quality assurance, too often sacrifice resident safety in order to maximize profits. More financial accountability for facilities would decrease the likelihood of facilities funneling cash to owners and investors at the expense of better resident care.”

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