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An Unvaccinated Worker in a Kentucky Nursing Home Set Off a Significant COVID Outbreak

In Kentucky, an unvaccinated worker at a nursing home facility recently set off a COVID-19 outbreak. Although the majority of the nursing home’s residents had been vaccinated, there were still 22 cases of COVID reported among residents and employees who were fully vaccinated. While many of the infected individuals who were vaccinated were not symptomatic or hospitalized, one vaccinated resident died from the outbreak. 

COVID has posed tremendous challenges for nursing homes. While some facilities have enforced protocols and strict rules to protect their residents, others have failed to provide a safe environment amidst the pandemic. If you suspect your loved one has experienced COVID-related neglect at their nursing home, you should consider contacting a skilled nursing home abuse lawyer

The Kentucky Nursing Home Outbreak Involved a Virus Variant That Is More Resistant to the Vaccine

The Kentucky nursing home outbreak involved a variant of COVID that has multiple mutations in the spike protein, which makes the vaccine less effective. However, the vaccine did make residents and workers at the nursing home less likely to become seriously ill from the variant. The variant involved in the Kentucky outbreak is not on the CDC’s list of variants of concern. That being said, the variant does have several significant mutations. For one, the D614G mutation present in this variant has been shown to increase transmissibility. Additionally, the E484K mutation observed in the Kentucky variant affects the receptor binding location of the spike protein, which has been shown to reduce the effectiveness of certain antibodies.  

It Is Recommended for Nursing Homes to Continue Following COVID Precautions Despite Increased Vaccinations

Despite the increase in nursing home vaccinations nationwide, it is still recommended for nursing homes to follow strict COVID precautions. The Kentucky outbreak highlights the importance of continuing procedures, such as the use of personal protective gear, weekly testing—regardless of residents’ vaccination status—and strict cleaning protocols. 

In addition, many healthcare experts continue to emphasize the importance of encouraging vaccination above nursing home residents and workers, suggesting increased vaccination coverage could reduce transmission opportunities. 

Call an Expert Nursing Home Coronavirus Lawyer in New York City

As vaccinations continue to increase and businesses begin to open, it’s important for nursing homes to stay on top of their COVID protocols and procedures. While the vaccine does reduce the risk of hospitalization and severe symptoms, fully vaccinated nursing home residents and workers are still at risk for developing a serious case of the disease. To reduce outbreaks and cases, nursing homes must continue to follow intentional COVID procedures to protect their staff and workers. If you suspect a loved one has suffered neglect related to COVID protocols, the attorneys at Dalli & Marino are here to help.

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