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3 Tips to Convince Aging Loved Ones to Consider Nursing Home Care

Convincing an aging loved one to consider nursing home care when they don’t want or think they need it can be challenging. There are various reasons why older family members or friends might resist a move to a nursing home. Yet, depending on the circumstances, it may be the safest and most effective way for them to navigate the activities of daily living.

Elder Guardianship Can Help Loved Ones Accept Nursing Home Care

Elder guardianship provides a path to make decisions for loved ones when they cannot do so for themselves. However, while elder guardianship in New York is one of the steps you may need to take to ensure the safety of your loved one, it is not the only option. Consider three tips to convince aging loved ones to consider nursing home care.

Take a More Hands-Off Approach

Sometimes, the more hands-on you are in your effort to convince your loved one to consider nursing home care, the more stubborn they will be in their efforts to resist. Moreover, older people don’t want to feel a loss of control over personal decision-making any more than you would.

So, the best thing to do in this situation is back off a bit. Instead of telling your loved one they “have” to make this move, encourage them to research it with you. Don’t harp on it every time you see them. Don’t get frustrated if you feel you are not making enough progress and instead focus on approaching the situation with love and understanding.

More often than not, your loved one is scared of making such a significant change and of ceding control, which happens in a nursing home or assisted living environment. Make sure they know that you will still be involved in their care and their lives, no matter where they reside.

Tour a Nearby New York Nursing Home Facility

Sometimes, it helps to see how much nursing homes have improved in recent years. Gone are the days of drab environments where older people went to sit in front of a TV to live out their days. Today’s nursing homes and assisted living facilities are vibrant and emphasize active living to the fullest extent possible.

Tour a nearby facility to show your loved one that they will have the opportunity to engage in myriad activities. From group exercise to crafting to on-site beauty services, modern nursing homes are structured to help residents make the most of their days.

Enlist the Help of Other Family Members or Friends

If you are struggling to get your loved one to listen, there is strength in numbers. Solicit the assistance of other family members, especially if your loved ones have a favorite. Stage a family intervention of sorts, where everyone can go around and express their love and concern.

The more support your loved one knows they have, the easier it might be for them to conquer their fear of the unknown and make the move into a nursing home.

New York Elder Guardianship Attorneys Offer a Legal Option

If your loved one needs to be in a nursing home for their safety and quality of life, then you may need to go the legal route to make it happen. Here at Dalli & Marino, we understand the delicate balance of guardianship for elderly family members. Sometimes, this legal recourse is necessary to keep your family member safe from a lack of judgment or diminished decision-making.

While your loved one may initially be upset with this action, it is far better than anything that might otherwise compromise their safety and well-being.

Reach Out to Experienced Elder Guardianship Attorneys in New York

If you are having trouble convincing an elderly loved one to make the move to the nursing home against their own best interest, reach out to the team at Dalli & Marino. We can help you gather the necessary resources to act now to ensure the safety of your family member or friend. 

Our skilled attorneys can offer compassion and expertise in this complex area of law and ensure that you have the resources necessary at your disposal to act in the interest of your loved one. Give us a call at (866) 619-1025 or contact us online today for a consultation. 

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