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Safe Ways to Keep Elders Active in the Summer

Elderly loved ones deserve as many opportunities to stretch their legs as anyone else this summer. Keeping elderly loved ones safe and active, however, can be a challenge.

Unfortunately, the longer your elderly loved ones go without regular activity, the more likely their health is to suffer. Regular activity can keep your loved ones healthy and ensure that their mental health remains in good condition. While it can be difficult to decide what your loved one is capable of doing, there are many activities that are safe for older individuals.

Light Sports With Your Elderly Loved One

Low-impact sports keep your loved ones moving without straining their muscles. If you have access to tracks, fields, or other safe spaces to exercise, you can arrange pick-up games between your loved ones and other elders in your community. Some of the best light sports for your elderly loved ones to participate in include:

  • Walking soccer
  • Swimming
  • Shuffleboard
  • Golf
  • Pickleball

Make sure your loved ones have regular access to water, shade, and light clothing. The more of an effort you make to ensure your loved ones are comfortable while they exercise, the healthier they’ll be.

Indoor Classes and Activities With Your Loved Ones

Come summer, the weather is as much your loved ones’ enemy as exercise is. If you don’t make a point to keep your loved ones well-hydrated and rested, even light activity may do them harm.

While you can do your best to stick to the shade when you go on regular walks, it’s often safer to schedule regular indoor activities. Sitting yoga, light dancing, and even walking on a track can keep your loved ones cool and moving. It can be in your best interest to give your elderly loved ones a variety of options when choosing what indoor activities they want to participate in. When you engage your loved ones in their choice of activities, you can make sure that you schedule classes that they’re going to enjoy.

You will also want to keep water on hand as your loved ones exercise. Even if you’re indoors, your loved ones can fall victim to dehydration. Keep the air conditioning on and allow your loved ones to take regular breaks, and your loved ones will see greater success.

Visit National Parks in Your Area

Many elders have the opportunity to visit national parks for a discounted rate on a senior pass. If you can schedule a day to visit a park in your area, you and your elderly loved ones can carefully enjoy an afternoon of wading, hiking, and/or stretching.

National parks often have shelters in which elderly loved ones can rest. They also have pre-marked paths that are safe for everyone to travel along. You and your loved ones can work together to determine which paths you want to take, whether or not you want to go swimming, and how best to use a park’s amenities to your advantage.

Grow Your Local Garden

If you have access to a local garden or if you have free land nearby, you can work with your elders to grow a garden. Regular work in a garden allows your loved ones to remain active as they pull weeds, water plants, and till the land.

At the same time, you can grow produce for your loved ones to use in the fall. Your loved ones can also vote to use your garden as a place to rest or encourage butterflies to visit. So long as you allow your elders to have a say in how your garden grows, the garden itself can become a perfect spot for your loved ones to exercise.

If You Suspect Mistreatment of Your Loved One, Contact a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

When you place a loved one in the care of a nursing home or home aide, you want to trust that these parties will keep your loved one safe. Unfortunately, there are some instances in which these parties can take advantage of your loved one’s dwindling health or mental decline.

If you suspect that someone is taking advantage of a person you love, contact Dalli & Marino, LLP. Our team offers legal advice in Spanish and English to protect elders in all communities. You can reach us at (888) 465-8790 or fill out our contact form for more information about your legal rights in the face of nursing home abuse.

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