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Nursing Home in Buffalo Fined Thousands for Sexual Abuse of Residents

In March 2021, Terrace View, a Buffalo nursing home, was fined $24,508 for failing to prevent two instances of sexual assaults on residents with dementia. Both cases of sexual assault on the residents were preventable and highlight some of the nursing home industry’s worst problems. 

These instances follow one of the worst years for nursing homes in New York, as facilities across the state have faced severe criticism for their handling of the pandemic. If you suspect your loved one is experiencing neglect or abuse in their long-term care facility, it’s important to know your legal rights. A skilled nursing home abuse lawyer servicing Buffalo, NY is a great resource for understanding your legal options during these challenging times.

Terrace View Nursing Home Fined for Two Instances of Sexual Assault on Residents 

Terrace View nursing home has been fined for two instances of sexual assault that occurred in their facility. In the first case, one of the facility’s certified nurse aides failed to complete her rounds for two and half hours prior to a resident with dementia being found naked in bed with another resident. The inspection showed that the resident with dementia has significant cognitive impairment and could not remember the event. When the other resident was asked about the event, they responded by saying, “What do you think happened between two adults.” The inspection report showed that the CNA on duty lied about conducting her rounds even though the surveillance videos showed she was seated at the nurses’ station for the entirety of her shift. If she had completed her rounds, the victim would have been found sooner.  

In the second instance of assault at Terrace View, a resident who is a registered level 1 sexual offender, was observed grabbing the genitalia of a resident with dementia while one of the Terrace View CNAs was supposed to be monitoring him one-on-one to prevent such events. The resident had a known history of engaging in non-consensual sexual contact with other residents and staff, which is why they were assigned a one-on-one caregiver. The CNA assigned to monitor the resident said she was in the bathroom when the event occurred and that she knew she should not have left the resident alone. 

Terrace Views’ Response to the Sexual Assaults 

Since the assaults, Terrace View has taken action to improve its protocol. In addition to firing one of the supervisors involved they have placed another on unpaid administrative leave. In addition, they have hired outside consultants to implement enhanced practices and supervision. These preventive measures include enacting mandatory training for every staff member on how to prevent resident abuse. 

Call an Expert Nursing Home Lawyer in New York City

It is essential for nursing homes to implement essential safety precautions to protect both their residents and employees from sexual assault and other kinds of abuse. Unfortunately, many nursing homes lack the essential protocol, training, and staff to protect their vulnerable populations.  If you suspect a loved one has suffered from neglect or abuse at their nursing home, the attorneys at Dalli & Marino are here to help.

Our seasoned New York trial attorneys have been aggressively advocating for victims of nursing abuse since 1996. We are committed to cultivating strong relationships with our clients through trusted, reliable communication. Our team of skilled attorneys approaches each case on an individual basis and is dedicated to helping you recover the money you deserve to compensate you for your experience. Give us a call at (888) 465-8790 or complete our contact form today.

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