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How to Identify a Concussion in a Senior

Concussions are particularly common among athletes, but an individual can develop a concussion in nearly any type of accident. This even includes seniors in nursing homes, who are even more prone to falling and hitting their head than the rest of the general population. Head trauma can be devastating and can produce both short- and long-term complications.

If you sustained a concussion due to another person’s negligence, you shouldn’t have to pay for the damages yourself. It’s important to hold them responsible for their actions and demand the compensation you’ll need to pay for your medical bills and other damages. By calling an experienced New York personal injury attorney from Dalli & Marino, LLP to help with the process, you can be sure that your case will be handled with the utmost care and tenacity. 

What Is a Concussion?

Concussions are traumatic brain injuries that impact brain function. Typically, the effects of a concussion are temporary, but they can lead to headaches and problems with:

  • Balance
  • Memory
  • Concentration
  • Coordination

Concussions are typically the result of a blow to the head. Concussions can also occur from a person’s head being violently shaken, such as during a car accident. Individuals may even lose consciousness with some concussions, although this is a rarer occurrence.

Falls can also cause concussions. Since many seniors are more prone to falls than the general population, they may be more at risk of experiencing a concussion as well. It’s important to notice the signs of a concussion in a senior to make sure you get them the help they may need. 

Concussions in Seniors at Nursing Homes

For senior citizens, concussions can be particularly dangerous. Concussions in seniors have a higher risk of resulting in complications that can turn deadly, such as brain bleeding. Signs of brain bleeding in seniors include headaches that regularly worsen or persist after an injury or fall. In addition, it can be more difficult to recognize the symptoms and signs of concussion in seniors who have other existing health problems. It’s essential for elderly individuals to see a doctor after they fall or sustain another injury so the doctor can ensure they don’t have a concussion.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that seniors who are currently taking blood thinners also see their healthcare providers as soon as possible if they’ve hit their head or have sustained an injury. Even if they don’t show any noticeable symptoms or signs of a concussion, it can be particularly dangerous for seniors who are on blood thinners to sustain an injury to the head.

If you or someone you love has suffered a concussion after an injury in a nursing home or you weren’t treated adequately for a concussion, it’s important that you call an experienced personal injury lawyer in New York today to get the compensation you deserve.

Signs of Concussion in Seniors

The effects of concussions are typically temporary, unlike more severe traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Some common signs of concussions include:

  • Poor concentration
  • Balance issues
  • Trouble retaining new information
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty recalling old memories
  • Poor coordination
  • Fatigue
  • Slurred speech
  • Confusion
  • Dizziness

It’s important that you or your loved one seek medical treatment promptly after experiencing a concussion. The healthcare provider will need to evaluate your symptoms, conduct a thorough neurological examination, and review your medical history in order to diagnose a concussion and get you the help you may need.

How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help With Your Concussion Injury Case?

Head trauma can have debilitating consequences, both in the short- and long-term. If you develop a concussion that is due to another person’s negligence, it’s essential that you hold them accountable. You could receive compensation that will help pay your medical bills and more.

Recovering compensation for your concussion injury becomes much simpler when you have a qualified New York personal injury attorney by your side. They’ll fight on your behalf for financial recovery and work hard to get you the results you deserve. A reputable concussion injury lawyer can:

  • Seek damages from all liable parties
  • Dig deep to determine the exact cause of your accident and the party at fault
  • Negotiate with the parties at fault and/or their insurance providers on your behalf
  • Bring the experts in to help gain an understanding of your concussion injury and the worth of your case

A skilled lawyer will also bring your lawsuit to court if needed to get you the compensation you deserve for your concussion injury. They understand that you need time to get better and focus on what’s really important, which is your healing. Therefore, they’ll handle all the ins and outs of your claim.

How Much Could You Potentially Receive in a Concussion Settlement?

Every personal injury case is different, so it’s difficult to put an exact number on how much you may be able to receive. The outcome for your concussion injury settlement will depend on things such as:

  • Your medical expenses and other related costs accrued 
  • The way in which the concussion has altered your life and daily activities
  • Medical testimony about your recovery prognosis
  • Professional testimony regarding the expenses you’re likely to incur down the road

The amount of compensation you may be able to receive may also depend on aspects such as what entity caused your accident, what kind of insurance they have, and what type of negligence they committed against you or a loved one.

This all requires a skilled and highly-trained concussion attorney that is able to investigate the accident thoroughly, secure expert opinions, diligently review your medical records, and negotiate with insurers. Complex matters can take years to resolve, which is why it’s imperative to have an experienced lawyer handle the process on your behalf.

Give the Reputable New York Concussion Injury Attorneys a Call Today at Dalli & Marino, LLP

While most concussions are generally believed to be “mild” injuries since they’re typically not life-threatening, they can still affect your life immensely. The individual who caused your concussion should be held accountable to the full extent of the law. Dalli & Marino, LLP in New York will work hard to make this happen.

We’ll pursue all economic and non-economic damages that are available on your behalf. Our English- and Spanish-speaking team will be by your side every step of the way to make sure that you get the care and defense you need. Don’t let insurers bully you into settling for a lowball compensation amount. Call our law firm today at (888) 465-8790 or fill out our contact form to schedule your free consultation.

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