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Buffalo Nursing Home COVID-19 Lawsuit Moves Forward

On March 14, 2022, New York State Supreme Court Justice Jeanette Ogden rejected Humboldt House Rehabilitation and Nursing Center’s motion to dismiss the case involving Cecelia Robertson, who filed a complaint against the facility in April 2021. The complaint came after Robertson’s sister, Annette Herron, passed away from COVID-19 in the Buffalo nursing home. This case moving forward may set an Read More >>

Gov. Kathy Hochul Receives Major Support From the Nursing Home Industry

Those residing in nursing homes are one of society’s most vulnerable groups. Therefore, it's imperative they have government representatives to advocate for them and ensure they remain protected. New York Governor Hochul has shown her intentions to improve nursing home resident safety, which includes a recent campaign donation from Centers Health Care. Centers Health Care runs many nursing Read More >>

New York Bill May Strengthen Protections for Long-Term Care Facilities

When you put your loved one in the care of a nursing home facility, you rely on the caregivers to monitor your family member and prevent any potential injuries and other ailments. Unfortunately, some long-term care facilities fail to provide adequate oversight for your loved one, leaving them vulnerable. The COVID-19 pandemic emphasized and exposed these issues. Thousands of nursing home Read More >>

Can You Sue a New York Nursing Home for Wrongful Death?

Unexpectedly losing a loved one is a devastating experience, especially if it results from a nursing home's negligence. In this situation, you can pursue a wrongful death claim and hold the nursing home accountable. In doing so, it's important to understand what New York considers wrongful death, who can file the claim, the statute of limitations, and what damages you can recover. We understand Read More >>

4 Steps to Take if Your Nursing Home Facility Is Closing

When you or a loved one enters a nursing home or other long-term care facility, you probably aren’t thinking about the possibility that it may close. However, this is an unfortunate risk for some residents. This means finding somewhere else to go and negotiating with insurance companies all over again. If your nursing home facility closes without enough time to find alternate housing for you or Read More >>

Can an Amazon Alexa Prevent Nursing Home Robbery?

Amazon Alexa devices are becoming more and more common in homes across America. These handy smart devices allow homeowners to ask questions or control their home appliances using voice commands. Recently, an Amazon Alexa successfully prevented a nursing home robbery in a Florida nursing home. The Florida thief snuck into a man's nursing home room and looked for cash and credit cards to steal. Read More >>

News Article: How Troubled Syracuse Nursing Home fed $60 Million into its Owner’s Corporate Web

If you have ever had to entrust the care of a loved one to a nursing home or other care facility, you know how emotional and challenging the decision can be. When choosing a facility, the family members of elderly patients have faith that the owners and staff have their loved one's best interests in mind. Unfortunately, some nursing home owners may value their own financial interests over the care Read More >>

Nursing Home Companion Pets: Pros vs. Cons

As your loved ones get older, the relationship between a person and their pet can become even more important. Some animals can serve as companion pets, helping their owners more effectively tackle their day-to-day responsibilities. Not everyone is meant to have a companion pet, though. If your loved one has requested a pet, you need to consider the pros and cons of connecting them with an Read More >>

4 Questions to Ask When Choosing an NYC Nursing Home

No two NYC nursing homes are alike. Before you apply for a loved one to move into one of these residences, you need to know that the staff can provide their residents with top-of-the-line care. With that in mind, there are questions you need to ask staff members before you commit to a facility. As you’re touring NYC’s nursing homes, make sure you bring up the points listed below. What Doctor Read More >>

5 Ways to Make Your Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Feel Like Home

Moving a loved one into a nursing home can be a strenuous, stressful process. Not only may your loved one mourn the loss of their old home, but it may take them time to adjust to their new environment. If you want to make the transition easier for your loved one, there are steps you can take to make a skilled nursing facility (SNF) feel more like home. Bringing Precious Items From Home Your Read More >>