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4 Ways to Support Your Loved One’s Caregiver

As your loved ones get older, you’ll probably start a conversation with your family members about how you plan to care for them. Most of these conversations end in a decision to entrust the aging family member to a caregiver. It’s no secret that being a caregiver is a challenging job. Going the extra mile to make your loved one’s caregiver feel seen and appreciated can be a great way to show appreciation for their work. Whether your loved one is in a nursing home or has an at-home caregiver, there are plenty of nice gestures you can do to give them a break or simply say thank you. Here are 4 ways to show your loved one’s caregiver how much you care. 

Surprise Your Loved One’s Caregiver with an Unexpected Day Off

One nice idea for showing a caregiver you appreciate them is to surprise them with an unexpected day off. Specifically, doing this around the holiday season can be a great way to let a caregiver spend time with their own families. If you live close to your elderly loved one, you could stop by their residence and provide them care for the day. If you don’t have a full day to give, helping with chores around the house or cooking meals can be a great way to take some of the load off. Not only will this give the caregiver a much-needed break, but it also allows you the opportunity to connect with your loved one. 

Give Them a Handwritten Note

In a time when almost all communication happens via text or Messenger, a handwritten note can be a thoughtful way to express your appreciation to a caregiver. Writing a note from the heart is sure to make your loved one’s caregiver feel seen and loved. Consider including specific instances or examples of times when their caregiving abilities showed through. Adding uplifting quotes or messages can also be a nice touch. 

Make or Send Them a Meal

Everyone loves a free meal. What better way to show your loved one’s caregiver how much you care about them than to make them a homemade meal—especially if you know their favorite dish? Creating a few meals that they can easily reheat in the oven is a great way to lighten their personal load for a week. If you don’t live close by, consider asking your family member what their caregiver’s favorite restaurant is and offer them takeout from their go-to spot. 

Give Them a Gift

Gifting your caregiver some of their favorite things is a great way to make them feel special. Whether you want to give your loved one’s caregiver flowers or personalized trinkets, there are many thoughtful gift ideas to choose from. Often, a gift can be the pick-me-up a caregiver needs to push through a rough stretch. If you are struggling to choose the best gift, you could also choose to get a gift certificate to places that allow them to relax or engage in some self-care. Some great places for gift cards or certificates include: 

  • Spas 
  • Nail or hair salons
  • Restaurants 
  • Hotels 

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