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How to Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents in Winter

The change of seasons in New York doesn’t arrive without challenges. During the winter months, many people experience slip and fall accidents. Additionally, they fear going outdoors and getting injured because of snow and harsh weather conditions. There are different ways people can stay safe and avoid slip and fall accidents during the cold weather months. 

At Dalli and Marino Law Firm, our attorneys represent clients who suffer from slip and fall accidents throughout the boroughs of New York City. Our legal team is eager to join you in supporting your claim and helping to get your suffering resolved. Below is some more information about avoiding slip and fall accidents during the winter. 

How Do Slip and Fall Accidents Happen during the Winter?

Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere at any time. More specifically, the winter months in New York pose a more significant threat and hazard on the streets and sidewalks than any other time of the year. Wet and icy surfaces throughout the city lead many to become injured throughout the colder months. Some common slip and fall locations in NYC might include:

  • Poorly maintained staircases 
  • Train stations when floors are slippery
  • Uneven sidewalks
  • Sidewalks covered in snow and ice 
  • Business entrances with slippery floors 

Inclement weather can increase the risk of falls on hazardous sidewalks, roads, and indoor spaces. In New York, falls account for $1.7 billion in hospitalization charges and $145.3 million in outpatient emergency department charges in a given year. Additionally, among the falls reported in adults aged 65 and older, 11% suffer a traumatic brain injury, and 27% suffer hip injuries. 

Slip and fall accidents are prevalent and to be taken seriously. Many have experienced traumatizing and life-changing events due to these accidents. Despite this, there are some ways New Yorkers can prepare for harsh winter conditions and avoid accidents.

Tips to Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents in the Winter Months

Avoiding a slip or fall during the winter involves being cautious and prepared when planning to go outdoors. Living in the busy boroughs of New York, you may be used to large crowds and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You can take a few measures to be safer outdoors and even in your home to avoid the dangers of losing your footing. 

Prevention Strategies for Slips and Falls 

Here are some preventative measures you can take to help avoid slips and falls during New York winters.

  • Plan your day with enough time to not be rushed or distracted while walking or using city transportation. 
  • Wearing closed-toed shoes with anti-slip traction will help you keep your balance and provide the support you need. 
  • Traveling with a family member or friend will help you get around and keep you from getting anxious or lost. 
  • Try to avoid going out late at night or in dark and dim areas in the city. 
  • Use stair railings and grab bars on a staircase, and take your time moving up or down the steps. 
  • At home, avoid cluttering your walkways and try to ensure your shoes are dry when you walk inside your home. 
  • Use doormats to wipe your shoes clean and dry before continuing to walk into a store or business. 
  • Be cautious and aware of obvious hazards when walking and traveling on foot. 
  • Stay off your phone and be free of distractions while walking throughout the city. 

Following tips like these will help you avoid apparent dangers and mishaps throughout the winter. Falls are reported throughout the year, and the state of New York permits the injured to file claims and seek compensation to cover the damages, losses, and medical bills related to their injuries. 

Should I File a Claim When I Slip and Fall? 

Slip and fall accidents can be severe, and many have suffered injuries due to negligent property owners and unsafe environments throughout New York. If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, you have the legal right to make a claim against the liable parties for their negligence. 

After your slip and fall, you should not postpone a medical evaluation. Be sure to record your location and all the details you remember about your fall. This will help your case when filing a claim for your injuries. Hiring a qualified and professional legal team will help you get all the details for your claim while you rest and recover after your accident.  

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