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Why are Choking Deaths so Common Among the Elderly?

Physical ailments and muscle issues make choking a common issue among elderly individuals. This is one of the reasons that it is so important to minimize the risk of it happening, especially in care environments like nursing homes. Diet, food presentation and staff oversight are all factors that can mitigate the likelihood of choking if proper attention is paid to the issue in advance. Failing to take such steps in a nursing home environment is tantamount to negligence. A New York nursing home abuse lawyer can help you make that distinction if your loved one is the victim of a choking incident while in the care of others.

Dalli & Marino has helped countless family members hold nursing homes responsible when negligence resulted in a choking fatality of their loved one. We believe that negligence should never be a reason for the loss of life, and the only way to stop this form of nursing home abuse is to make them accountable in any way we can.

Why are Choking Deaths So Common Among the Elderly?

As the body ages, loss of strength in the throat muscles and mouth makes it more challenging to chew and swallow hard or dry food items properly. Moreover, individuals with degenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, may also have difficulty swallowing food at a certain point in the disease cycle.

Those who have had strokes may have challenges with swallowing. It is one of the reasons that many medical providers require stroke victims to pass a swallow test before allowing them to consume harder foods. Individuals with dentures may have difficulty swallowing, and sometimes even dry mouth (due to medications or the natural impact of aging) can make swallowing difficult.

Why Nursing Homes Should Be Attentive to this Issue

Individuals in nursing homes have little choice in what they consume each day. However, when staff is aware that a resident has an issue swallowing, they can make dietary accommodations to reduce choking hazards. When nursing home staff knows an individual has issues swallowing and does not note this on their chart and changes the foods they consume, they are putting them at risk for choking during a meal or snack.

Consult with a Skilled New York Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Being aware of choking hazards is essential for nursing home personnel, especially given how common this can be among older populations. If you are dealing with nursing home abuse in the form of negligence resulting in choking, you need the assistance of a qualified New York nursing home abuse attorney. At Dalli & Marino, we will work with you to ensure justice for your loved ones. While compensation certainly can’t help in the case of a choking death, it may ease the burden of settling your loved one’s affairs and the expense of laying them to rest. Schedule a free consultation today by calling (888) 465-8790 or reach out to us online via our contact form.

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