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What to Know About Guardianship for Elderly Relatives in New York

Guardianship for elderly relatives in New York is one of the best ways to assure the safety and well-being of loved ones who can no longer make sound decisions on their own. While it can sometimes be an uncertain time for those under a guardian’s care, the parameters put in place by the legal system ensure the protection of all involved parties. 

One of the best ways to navigate guardianship in New York is via qualified New York guardianship attorneys. Those who know the system best are invaluable in getting through the stress of this kind of change. 

New York Elder Guardianship: How Does It Work?

A guardian is someone that makes decisions, typically in the area of personal finances or healthcare, for another adult suffering from the implication of an illness, disability or age-related impairments. Guardians are appointed when these individuals cannot make sound decisions for themselves or have impaired judgment, making them too vulnerable to unsafe circumstances. 

In New York, guardians make decisions for those under their care in various areas, including: 

  • Dietary choices
  • Grooming/clothing
  • Health/dental care
  • Personal finances/investments

Depending on the reason for guardianship, the court may also direct the guardian to make additional decisions for the individual in question. 

Reasons for Guardianship for Elderly Relatives in New York

There are various reasons why an older adult might need a guardian in New York. Mental illness, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and stroke are all common health-related reasons that may necessitate the need for a guardian. 

Simply put: the need for a guardian is determined by the inability to make rational decisions that assure safety and well-being. 

Who Appoints a New York Elder Guardian and Who Can Be One?

Establishing guardianship is a legal process. As such, the court designates the best person for the role. Various factors are at play in choosing the right person, including any possible conflict of interest and criminal history. Those applying for guardianship also generally have to undergo a credit check. 

If more than one person is interested in becoming a guardian, the court will determine who is the best fit. Sometimes, the court will designate one person to make medical decisions and another to manage financial matters. Preference is given to the person’s spouse, children or other family members to promote continuity regarding the person’s needs and preferences. 

Work with Skilled and Compassionate New York Elder Guardianship Attorneys 

Guardianship can be a stressful process to navigate, especially when loved ones don’t agree with the need for one. The attorneys at Dalli & Marino understand the importance of keeping loved ones safe. In some instances, guardianship is the most effective way to do so. 

We have extensive experience with the New York guardianship system and can guide you through this entire process. Trust us to treat you and your loved one with the compassion and competence you deserve to ensure a swift, optimal outcome. Reach out to us at (866) 619-1025 or contact us online with your guardianship needs today. 

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