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What to Do if a Nursing Resident Is Abused by Another Resident?

The elderly are one of our most vulnerable populations. Unfortunately, many residents in nursing homes are the victims of abuse, either by staff or other residents. For example, a resident may be emotionally or mentally abused by another resident. Abuse can take many forms, including physical, sexual, or mental abuse.

If your loved one was the victim of abuse by another resident, it’s important to know what to do and how to support them if you are able. One thing you can do is hire a nursing home abuse lawyer at Dalli & Marino, LLP. Our compassionate and experienced lawyers are here to help when it comes to eldercare abuse, and can fight to get you the compensation you may deserve. 

Are Nursing Homes Responsible For Resident-To-Resident Abuse?

Nursing homes are responsible for protecting their residents from abuse, including abuse from other residents. However, nursing homes may not be able to protect residents from all forms of abuse, and some residents may be more vulnerable to abuse than others. If a nursing home becomes aware of any resident-to-resident abuse, they should take steps to address the issue immediately and prevent it from happening again in the future.

If they fail to take adequate steps to help the resident, you may also be able to sue the nursing home and its staff due to negligence and failing to care for the resident. 

How Often Does Resident-On-Resident Abuse Occur?

Resident-on-resident abuse can take many forms and it can have a devastating impact on the victim. Unfortunately, due to the often close quarters in nursing homes and the vulnerable population that resides there, resident-on-resident abuse is more common than you may think. If you suspect that a loved one is being abused by another resident in their nursing home, it is important to report it immediately so that steps can be taken to protect the victim and investigate the situation. Retaining a nursing home abuse lawyer can help you and your loved one fight back against negligence or abuse. 

What Contributes to Resident-On-Resident Abuse?

There are several contributing factors to resident-on-resident abuse. Many nursing homes experience high rates of turnover, understaffing, and lack of training, meaning that residents don’t get the care they need. This, in turn, can make some residents feel hostile and potentially take it out on others. 

Another factor is that some residents who are cognitively impaired or have mental health problems are more likely to be involved in abusive behaviors. They often don’t know what they’re doing or don’t realize the repercussions of their actions. Also, the physical environment of nursing homes can contribute to abuse. Facilities that are overcrowded or have poor lighting and security can be more conducive to violence and abuse.

What Can a Nursing Home Do To Prevent Resident-To-Resident Abuse?

Nursing homes must provide a safe environment for residents. They should promote a culture of respect and zero tolerance for abuse. Nursing homes should also already have policies and procedures in place to prevent resident-to-resident abuse. Residents at the nursing home should be made aware of these policies and procedures. 

If a nursing home resident suspects abuse, they should report it to a staff member immediately. Working with a nursing home abuse lawyer can help you figure out if you or your loved one may be entitled to compensation due to abuse at the hands of another resident.

How Can Nursing Homes Be Held Liable For Resident-To-Resident Abuse?

Nursing homes are required by law to protect residents from abuse, and if a staff member fails to do so or does nothing to stop it, the nursing home can be held liable in multiple ways.

Additionally, if a nursing home fails to properly screen or train its employees on what to do if they spot this kind of abuse, the nursing home can also be held liable. They may be held liable for multiple things, including pain and suffering, medical bills if the abuse led to a physical injury, and many others. Contacting a nursing home abuse lawyer can better help you figure out what type of compensation you may be able to receive. 

Contact a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer at Dalli & Marino, LLP Today

It is important that you take steps to protect your loved one and ensure that this type of abuse is not tolerated in nursing homes. If a nursing home fails to recognize or stop this type of resident-on-resident abuse, they may be held liable. Partnering with a nursing home abuse lawyer at Dalli & Marino, LLP means that you will be receiving compassionate and knowledgeable legal help. We want to make sure that you and your loved one receive the compensation you may be owed due to resident-on-resident abuse. 

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