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What Infections Are Signs of Nursing Home Neglect?

Nursing homes are supposed to provide care for elderly residents who cannot take care of themselves anymore. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect—a type of elder abuse involving poor care or breaches of duty that cause residents to suffer—happens every day. Sometimes, this oversight goes unnoticed by other staff members, which means your loved one might be suffering without anyone knowing.

Elderly parents who are living in nursing homes are vulnerable to various diseases. One of the main reasons why they get sick is due to poor hygiene and lack of medical attention. This can be a sign of abuse or neglect. Here’s what you need to know:

5 Common Infections That Are Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

Here are a few infections that may indicate nursing home neglect:


A bedsore is a painful skin condition caused by pressure or friction against the skin. This can occur anywhere on the body, but is more common on areas that lay on a bed or chair such as elbows, heels, knees, hips, shoulders, and buttocks. Bedsores usually develop when there is no movement or proper positioning of the patient’s limbs. They also happen when patients have difficulty moving their limbs.

Bedsores often show that your loved one hasn’t been moved around or cared for by nursing home staff. If your loved one has a bedsore, it could mean they aren’t getting enough exercise or movement from the bed.


Malnutrition is a common form of nursing home neglect that occurs when there is no food available or the nutritional value of what is available is lacking. This usually happens because of poor planning and management of meals or because of inadequate staffing levels. When people cannot eat properly, they often become malnourished.

Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections (UTI) are a common occurrence in nursing homes. A UTI is caused when bacteria gets into the urinary tract, which, in turn, causes inflammation of the bladder or kidneys. A temperature may also occur, as well as pain and burning on urination. If you notice your loved one is suffering from a UTI, it could mean there are not enough staff members to take care of his or her needs.

Staph Infections

Staph infections are caused when bacteria get into the skin. It is a result of contact with someone who has a staph infection or by a wound that hasn’t been cared for properly. Your loved one may suffer from a staph infection because staff members have not washed their hands before or after handling them.

Recurrent Infections

If your loved one has a recurring infection, it could mean their immune system is not as strong as it should be. This could also mean that there is a lack of medical staff to check on them. It’s especially dangerous if the infection is something such as pneumonia, MRSA, or GI infections.

Contact a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in New York to Discuss Your Loved One’s Recurrent Infections

It is one thing to develop an infection. Seniors often have a variety of chronic and co-morbid conditions that put them at an increased risk of developing infections. However, certain infections and infections that recur might be indicative of nursing home abuse or neglect.

At Dalli & Marino, LLP, our elder abuse lawyers can assess your loved one’s condition, situation, and medical records to see if there are signs in the records of nursing home neglect. If this is the case, you or your loved one could be entitled to compensation and better care. For more information about elder abuse cases involving assisted living and/or nursing home care, contact us online or call (888) 465-8790. We also speak Spanish.

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