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Weaknesses in Long Island Nursing Homes Responsible for Covid Complications 

It’s no secret that New York’s strategy for handling nursing homes during the pandemic was a disaster, and Long Island is no exception. State Health Department records obtained by Newsday highlighted that a couple of Long Island nursing homes were found deficient, having multiple complaints filed against them. According to the state report, 15% of Long Islands privately owned nursing homes had significant deficiencies that violated public health guidelines. This data has created controversy between leaders in the nursing home industry and players advocating for change. 

If your loved one or family member experienced unsafe conditions in their nursing home facility during the pandemic, it’s essential to take action. Working with a skilled nursing home neglect lawyer is the best way to ensure your loved one’s rights are protected. 

Data Shows Covid Was Mishandled in Long Island Nursing Homes 

The data shows that 13 out of 63 nursing homes on Long Island had significant deficiencies, placing residents and their safety at risk. These violations included facilities that allowed congregate dining without masks, covid-positive residents to share rooms with individuals who tested positive, and housekeepers to wear insufficient personal protective equipment. All of these notable violations contributed to placing residents in a vulnerable environment. Additionally, six facilities had complaints against them for failing to notify loved ones within 24 hours of residents contracting or dying of Covid. Despite these significant failures, none of the nursing homes in question lost their license, raising alarm and questions in many patient advocates. 

John Dalli of Dalli and Marino Responds to Data Release

The information obtained by Newsday from the state has brought many reactions by individuals fighting for change and reform in the nursing home industry. Not only do patient advocates question the integrity of the data provided by the state—suggesting the numbers reflect the true depth of the problem—they also point out that the issues seen throughout New York nursing homes were problems long before Covid. 

John Dalli of Dalli and Marino Law responded to data obtained by the Newsday report saying, “It’s impossible that these numbers are reflective of the actual number of violations of state regulations that occurred.” His remark reflects the common sentiment that the state may have some incentive to hide some of its data. 

Call an Expert Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in New York City

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