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Tell Nursing Homes to Stop Stealing Seniors’ Rights

Did you know the fine print in many nursing home admissions contracts deprives residents of their constitutional rights, making their stay more dangerous? Anyone who has been through the admissions process knows how incredibly stressful it can be. Unfortunately, many admission contracts slip in a provision known as forced arbitration, which many families and seniors are totally unaware of.
Forced arbitration blocks seniors from accessing the court system even in instances of severe neglect, serious injury, sexual and physical abuse or death. These clauses mandate the victim use private, biased arbitration forums where the decisions are often made by arbitration firms handpicked by the wrongdoer with no right to appeal, no accountability and no transparency. Without this accountability, senior safety is compromised.
We need your help sending a strong message to nursing homes and assisted living facilities showing that we care about and support our senior citizens. Please click the link below and sign the pledge to limit forced arbitration and make the lives of cialis our seniors safer.

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