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Shocking Video of Nursing Home Employees Abusing Elderly Dementia Patient: New York Post

Two nursing home employees were fired from a Chicago facility for posting a disturbing video on Snapchat that showed them abusing 91 year-old Margaret Collins, a patient with dementia, according to a New York Post story on a CBS Chicago TV report.

The pair, subsequently arrested, filmed themselves taunting the resident about her dislike for hospital gowns.  Collins’ family is now suing the nursing home for $1 million over the incident.

Family attorney Margaret Battersby Black told CBS Chicago 2, “Not only did [Collins] not get the care she needed, but she got bullied and taunted instead…They had two staff members who were in her room for the sole purpose of playing a sick game.”

Families Need to be Vigilant Against Nursing Home Abuse

“Time and time again, we hear families say, ‘Can you imagine what would happen if we weren’t here checking in?’” said Salvatore Marino, a partner in the law firm Dalli & Marino, LLP.  “Unfortunately, most residents don’t have anyone visiting to check their well-being.  But vigilance is essential if you have loved ones living in a nursing home.”

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