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7 Red Flags to Look For When Choosing a Nursing Home in New York

Choosing a nursing home should not be an easy task. In fact, the process of selecting a nursing home should be difficult and take a lot of time and consideration. The nursing home you eventually choose will be the facility that you entrust with the care of your elderly loved one. It has been reported that one in three individuals experience nursing home abuse; therefore, it is crucial to look for red flags when choosing a nursing home in New York.

Your elderly loved one deserves the best possible care, and it is up to you to find the right New York nursing home where they will be safe and have their needs met.

7 Red Flags That a Nursing Home Is Not Right for Your Loved One

When choosing a New York nursing home for your loved one, you should be skeptical of anything that may feel like a red flag to you. The following seven red flags may be helpful as you look for the safest environment for your elderly loved one:

Loud Noises

When searching for the right nursing home for your family member, you should visit the facility rather than look at pictures and speak with staff over the phone. Taking an in-person tour will allow you to assess the peacefulness of the facility. If the halls are filled with loud noises and the nursing home seems chaotic, it may not be a good fit for your family member.

Disrespectful Staff

When you visit a prospective nursing home, pay attention to how the staff interacts with residents. If the staff appears to show multiple instances of disrespect toward their residents, that is a red flag and an indicator of possible abuse behind closed doors.

Unreliable Administrators

The administrators of a nursing home will likely be your primary line of contact regarding your loved one’s care. If the administrators do not answer calls, appear to be stressed or overworked, or are not present at all, you should avoid placing your loved one in this particular facility. Unreliable administrators are a huge red flag.

A Lack of Independence

Many nursing home residents will have to undergo extensive adjustments as they lose the independence of living in their own homes. Such an adjustment can be very difficult; therefore, it is vital that nursing homes provide residents with independence in whatever ways they can. This may include allowing residents to choose what to eat or what to wear. If the nursing home makes no effort to give any independence to its residents, you should view this as a red flag.

Visiting Hours

Most nursing homes do not have visiting hours, as this practice is old-fashioned. Families should be able to come and go as they please, within reason. If a nursing home has visiting hours, this may be a cause for suspicion.

Unsafe Location

A nursing home should be located in a reasonably safe neighborhood. If the facility’s location is in an unsafe part of town, there is a higher risk that crime could occur at or around the nursing home.

Differing Values

You should know what values are most important to your loved one when choosing a nursing home. If a facility has differing values from those of your family member, then that nursing home may not be the best fit.

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The nursing home abuse lawyers of Dalli & Marino have seen far too many unfortunate cases of nursing home abuse. These situations could have been avoidable if people had recognized certain red flags.

A nursing home should be a safe space for your loved one to be cared for by trusted staff. If you believe that your family member may be the victim of nursing home abuse, you should partner with an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer to get help with your claim.

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