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Two NY Hospitals Start Virtual Nursing Home Care Due to Bed and Staffing Shortages

Due to the effects of COVID-19, nursing homes struggle to keep up with the increasing demand for long-term care and treatments. These facilities are becoming overpopulated and lacking sufficient resources to help all of their residents. Not only are nursing homes unable to combat the number of patients, but now hospitals are also finding it difficult to care for the elderly due to bed and staffing shortages. To try and lessen the number of individuals coming into the care facilities, New York hospitals are offering virtual care as an alternative method of diagnosis.  

Staffing shortages mean that even if there were enough beds to fit all their patients, there might be no one to care for them during their time of need. Two New York hospitals have tried to fight these situations by creating on-site virtual nursing home units for patients they would usually discharge to nursing homes post-surgery. With these new ways to help patients find the care they require, the NY hospitals hope to see a change in the number of patients needing care. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Virtual Nursing Home Care?

Virtual nursing home care is a new concept, and many are skeptical of the effectiveness of the diagnosis and whether it is sufficient enough to take care of patients. However, these hospitals cited multiple positive effects of using telehealth and medicine, including: 

  • Convenient communication
  • Easy access to care
  • Resident avoids significant and risky travel
  • Conserving resources

With virtual care, nurses can quickly hop on a Zoom call if a resident needs their assistance. There are many benefits to having accessible care while still saving resources. However, there are a few drawbacks to using technology:

  • Social isolation and boredom
  • Difficult for residents with cognitive impairments
  • Tech-usability and workflow problems
  • Burdens on staff and infrastructure
  • Residents’ preference for in-person care

Virtual nursing home care can work for some individuals, but most likely is not a suitable long-term option for most elderly patients. The loneliness and isolation of virtual care are some of the most concerning factors that many find difficult to overlook. These conditions can also lead to staff members’ insufficient care and possible neglect. 

Can Virtual Care Lead To Neglect in New York Nursing Homes and Hospitals?

Even though virtual elderly care can prove extremely helpful in some cases, the staffing shortages and lack of resources continue to plague the communities. Some nurses may find it challenging to keep up with both virtual and in-person care while understaffed and overworked. This can easily lead to forgetfulness and possible neglect of a virtual patient. 

When visitation and resources are limited, nursing home abuse and neglect are concerns that must be addressed when discussing virtual care. It’s essential for individuals to carefully observe the situation and seek legal help if they fear their loved one is exposed to negligence within a nursing home or hospital.

Contact Dalli & Marino, LLP for an Experienced Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic are care centers for elderly patients. With the decline of resources and staff, nursing homes continue to struggle with the high demand for long-term care. However, they are responsible for providing care for those within their facilities. If your loved one suffers from abuse or neglect, you have the right to hold the negligent party accountable for their actions. 

Our nursing home abuse lawyers at Dalli & Marino, LLP can help you seek compensation for the harm your loved one receives with their facility. With years of experience protecting our clients’ rights, we have the tools you need for a successful case. We will do everything in our power to make sure you have legal representation you can rely on and trust.

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