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New York Nursing Home Suppressed COVID Vaccines from Non-Permanent Residents

new york nursing home suppressed covid vaccinesThe New York Post reported in late January that a Queens nursing home in the midst of a COVID-19 outbreak withheld potentially life-saving vaccines from rehab patients. This decision prioritized long-term residents over patients who were admitted for short-term care after being discharged from hospitals. The Post article indicates that the state health department denounced the move, citing that there’s no state policy prioritizing long-term nursing-home residents over other patients.

Though these patients did eventually get shots in a second round of vaccinations on January 13, the decision to deny vaccination for non-permanent residents perhaps contributed to an outbreak that caused 44 residents to test positive for the coronavirus since December 22, according to the report.

Why Were COVID Vaccines Withheld from Non-Permanent Residents?

Several sources indicate that the nursing home in question—Dry Harbor Nursing Home—didn’t withhold vaccinations for lack of inventory. One such source includes city councilman Robert Holden, whose 96-year-old mother was diagnosed with coronavirus after being denied the vaccine. Likewise, a spokesman for CVS, which administered the jabs as part of a federal program to vaccinate nursing-home residents and staff, told the Post that there was no shortage of shots provided to the home.

Dry Harbor administrator Mark Solomon has not yet responded to queries about why the home withheld vaccinations for certain residents.

How to Spot Coronavirus Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

While you may not be able to visit your loved ones in person now, you may observe indicators of the virus while on video calls and when you’re eventually permitted to see them in the facility. In general, note any changes in your loved one’s appearance and demeanor. Likewise, observe what else is happening in the building in terms of cleanliness, face masks, and access to basic materials. Does there appear to be sufficient staffing in the building? Do you notice residents and staff who appear to have possible symptoms of COVID-19?

If you discern anything out of the ordinary, contact an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible. Reporting nursing home abuse is an important first step toward preventing COVID-19 from further harming your loved one and other residents around them. It’s up to you to act as a spokesperson for your elderly loved one and seek legal action against the negligent nursing home.

Call an Expert Nursing Home Coronavirus Exposure Lawyer in New York City

During this critical time, nursing homes must take every precaution to protect their residents and front-line employees from being exposed to or contracting COVID-19. Many nursing homes have protected their residents by following guidelines and adhering to strict protocols, but other facilities have neglected the wellbeing of the most vulnerable among us. If you suspect a loved one has suffered neglect during the coronavirus pandemic, the attorneys at Dalli & Marino are here to help.

Our seasoned New York trial attorneys have been aggressively advocating for victims of nursing abuse since 1996. We strive to build strong relationships with our clients through trust and communication to ensure that we fully understand your needs. Our highly skilled team approaches each case on an individual basis and is dedicated to helping you recover the money you deserve to compensate you for your loss. Call (888) 465-8790 or complete our contact form today.

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