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John Dalli Addresses New York State Civil Court Judges on Nursing Home Litigation in New York State Courts

John Dalli shares how he and his firm Dalli & Marino combat nursing home abuse and neglect in a presentation to the New York State Civil Court Board of Judges.

John Dalli, a partner in law firm Dalli & Marino LLP, was one of four attorneys invited to present at the New York State Civil Court Board of Judges’ seminar in September in Long Beach, New York.  Mr. Dalli shared his insights with 50 judges on how the New York State Public Health Law are used to stop elder abuse and neglect in nursing homes, often involving resident falls and bedsores.

Dalli Warns Against Forced Arbitration Clauses in Nursing Home Agreements

He also focused on how many skilled nursing facilities include forced arbitration clauses in the Admission Agreements that families must sign before a patient is admitted. Signing such an agreement prevents you from suing a facility for damages in court.  Instead, your case and any monetary awards are decided by an outside private arbitration company instead of a jury.

Dalli discussed how he was successfully getting agreements voided in court because the family member that signed it did not have the authority to forfeit that resident’s right.

“These agreements take away an important right, your right to have your case heard in a court of law before a jury,” says Dalli.  “These nursing homes are taking advantage of vulnerable families when they often don’t have the time to consider all of the options and consequences.”

Dalli’s participation at this New York State Civil Court Board of Judges seminar is part of Dalli & Marino’s ongoing efforts to help families receive justice as a result of negligent care by nursing homes..

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