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Governor Cuomo Continues to Take Criticism for His Pandemic Management of Nursing Homes

In early January, New York State Attorney General Letitia James released a report on the state’s handling of nursing home safety and reporting during the pandemic. Among the report’s most significant findings were significant errors in nursing home death toll reporting and reported failures in many of the state’s nursing homes to follow safety protocols. Not surprisingly, the Attorney General’s report struck a sore spot for Cuomo, who has faced mounting criticism in the past couple of months from both Republican and Democrat lawmakers over his pandemic management. 

Findings Outlined in Attorney General James’s Report 

James’s report outlined many troubling findings related to how nursing homes handled the safety of their residents along with inaccuracies in death toll reporting. The report said the COVID death toll attributed to nursing homes could be off by up to 50%. 

Shortly after the report was released, state Health Commissioner Howard Zucker released a statement saying that in addition to the 8,914 people who the state’s health department reported died at nursing homes from COVID, another 3,829 nursing home residents died from the disease after being admitted into hospitals. James’s report and Zucker’s statement reignited a legislative push for an investigation into the fatalities. 

Republicans Suggest the Cuomo Administration is Engaging in a Cover-Up

Many Republican lawmakers have suggested that the state’s health department and the Cuomo administration are engaging in a cover-up. Republicans continue to cite a March 25 directive by the health department, which said nursing homes couldn’t turn away patients simply because they had tested positive for COVID. Rich Azzopardi, one of Cuomo’s senior advisors was quick to defend the governor, saying that the March order was consistent with federal guidelines. 

Attorney General James addressed these statements in her report, stating that the admission of COVID-positive residents into nursing homes may have contributed to increased cases and fatalities, but that additional data analysis was needed for confirmation. 

Cuomo’s Defense

Mr. Cuomo continues to defend himself by asserting that the location where nursing home residents died from COVID isn’t relevant. He also continues to say that Trump officials and other Republicans are politicizing the issue. 

Call an Expert Nursing Home Coronavirus Lawyer in New York City

Amidst the pandemic, New York residents should be able to have confidence in their state leadership. Unfortunately, increasing evidence suggests that the state failed to protect its most vulnerable population. While some nursing homes were able to level up and meet unprecedented challenges, many failed to implement and follow the guidelines and protocols suggested by leading health organizations. If you suspect a loved one has suffered neglect during the coronavirus pandemic, the attorneys at Dalli & Marino are here to help.

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