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NY Hospitals Keeping Elderly Patients Longer Due to Lack of Beds in Nursing Homes

While almost everyone feels the impact of COVID-19, the older communities are some of the most affected individuals. The risk that COVID-19 presents to those in nursing homes is life-threatening. Nursing homes are struggling to keep up with the amount of older individuals needing care. With more people requiring assistance and longer stays within the facility, the demand for nursing home care is at an all-time high. 

Due to the lack of space in nursing homes, New York hospitals are keeping elderly patients longer to combat the lack of resources in long-term care facilities. The need for more supplies and staff in nursing homes is causing a backup within New York hospitals. When there’s a significant problem with nursing home resources and their ability to care for patients, there are openings for nursing home abuse and neglect. If your loved one is suffering from a lack of care or abuse within a long-time care facility, contact a dependable nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible. 

5 Problems That Arise from Overpopulated Nursing Homes

Overpopulated nursing homes lead to many issues for everyone in the facility. Both the staff and patients suffer from the lack of resources and tools that help provide quality care to those that need it the most. Consider some common problems that arise from overpopulated nursing homes: 

Overworked Staff

One of the most common factors that result from overpopulation in nursing homes is the overworked staff. When nurses and staff members become overwhelmed with too many responsibilities, serious injuries can result from their exhaustion. For example, if there’s only one nurse to help move a patient, there is a risk that they may drop the individual due to their lack of strength. 

Inadequate Living Conditions

In some cases, nursing home communities may try to take care of as many people as possible and put too many individuals in one room. The quality of life for the elderly can significantly decline when they don’t have enough space to enjoy their time or feel claustrophobic. 

Isolation and Boredom

Elderly patients need to have changes and activities during the day to keep their minds stimulated and create healthy bonds with others inside the nursing home. Boredom and isolation are dangerous for those living in nursing homes, and it becomes a significant problem for individuals when there is an overpopulation of people in the facilities.

Limited Visitation Time

If there are too many people inside the facility, some nursing homes may not be able to allow frequent visitations or may try to hide the fact that they are overcrowded and understaffed. When you see your loved one, evaluating whether the facility is overpopulated is vital to the health and safety of your elderly family member.

Possible Health and Safety Risks

If there is a lack of proper care due to overpopulation, your loved one can face severe and sometimes life-threatening injuries. For example, if an elderly patient is not moved around throughout the day, they can suffer from harmful bedsores and depression. 

New York hospitals are suffering from the lack of resources and staff that nursing homes face due to the pandemic and the increased need for long-term care. Nursing home abuse and neglect can become another factor resulting from this shortage. 

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