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Dems’ Medicaid Fear-Mongering Overlooks Nursing Home Conditions – Newsmax

A 2017 Newsmax article by author, Betsy McCaughey, was entitled, “Dems’ Medicaid Fear-Mongering Overlooks Nursing Home Conditions”. McCaughey reported, “Nationwide, one-third of nursing home residents suffer serious, often permanent injuries due to neglect, according to a federal Inspector General report.” She continued, “Indifference is the real culprit, not inadequate Medicaid money. For example, New York State pays among the highest Medicaid rates in the nation — yet also tolerates some of the worst conditions.”



Examples of Neglect and Mistreatment in Nursing Homes

Specific illustrations of neglect and mistreatment of nursing home residents cited in the article were as follows: “Incontinent patients languish in soiled diapers that lead to sores and infections; patients unable to eat and drink on their own develop severe dehydration; others suffer falls and internal injuries because of medical errors or over-medication.”


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