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Brooklyn Nursing Home Negligence Suit — John Dalli Feature

Nursing home abuse takes many forms, and in many instances, the results can be devastating for families. This is especially true in situations involving bedsores, which can come with significant health risks. Families unsure of what to do in the face of gross negligence have found a tireless advocate in John Dalli of Dalli & Marino. Dalli’s firm has garnered a reputation for holding nursing homes accountable for substandard care, especially when the outcome is fatal.  

Dalli recently won a major lawsuit for the family of Olive Roberts, who died in the care of the Linden Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in East New York. Dalli’s experience and skilled representation resulted in a $750,000 damages award to Roberts’ family. A Kings County Supreme Court jury ultimately found that Roberts died because the nursing home did not provide the care to which she was entitled under New York public health law. 

Lack of Proper Bedsore Care Played a Role in Robert’s Death

While under the care of the Linden Center, an immobilized Roberts developed a severe pressure wound because the staff was not physically shifting her every two hours, despite her doctor’s directives. By the time family members found out about the wound, it was a Stage 3 bedsore, which means the infection had penetrated down into the subcutaneous layer of the skin. Roberts’ daughters only found out about the bedsore after trying to sit their mother up in bed during a visit. They had to demand that the nursing home transfer their mother to a hospital. 

Dalli posits that the nursing home likely did not want to send Roberts to the hospital because the significance of her pressure injury would be documented. By the time Roberts received proper treatment, the bedsore was Stage 4 and parts of her sacral spine were exposed. Following her death, the family requested an autopsy, where the coroner noted that the extent of the infection had contributed to Robert’s death.

New York Nursing Home Regulations Ignored in Roberts Case

New York has stringent regulations to ensure the rights of nursing home residents are respected and treatment meets standards of care. However, Dalli notes that these regulations are rarely enforced in nursing homes and accountability from the state is typically non-existent. He further posits that lawsuits brought against facilities by family members are often the only way that justice can be meted out. 

Lack of official accountability means that nursing home abuse can run rampant. This is one of the reasons that Dalli & Marino has made it a point to cultivate expertise in this practice area. As many families don’t even realize their options when it comes to issues of nursing home abuse, John Dalli and his team have provided a way for family members to hold nursing homes responsible for substandard or negligent care. 

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This case is just another example of the advocacy displayed by John Dalli and the rest of the Dalli & Marino team where nursing home patients are concerned. Nursing homes often try to take advantage of the fact that residents and their family members may not be aware of the specific laws in place to help protect them. We know the law well and aggressively represent families negatively impacted by their nursing home experiences.

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