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Attorney John Dalli Discusses Long Island Nursing Home Neglect in Newsday Article

In the wake of recent disturbing incidents in Long Island nursing homes, it is evident that the issue of neglect and inadequate care cannot be overlooked. As we uncover the shocking lapses in patient care, it becomes increasingly crucial to hold nursing homes accountable for their actions and demand justice for the vulnerable residents under their care. One firm that has been at the forefront of advocating for the rights of nursing home residents is Dalli & Marino, LLP. Led by Attorney John Dalli, our firm has been speaking out against the failure to properly hold nursing homes accountable for their neglect and has become a voice for those who have suffered at the hands of substandard care.

At Dalli & Marino, LLP, we firmly believe that no nursing home resident should endure neglect or suffer due to the negligence of the facilities entrusted with their care. By raising awareness, supporting legislation for stricter regulations, and holding nursing homes accountable, we can make a difference in the lives of countless individuals. Contact Dalli & Marino, LLP today to learn more about how we can help you get the justice you deserve.

Disturbing Incidents Reveal Negligence and Abuse in Long Island Nursing Homes

A recent series of incidents at nursing homes on Long Island has highlighted serious concerns about patient care, neglect, and abuse in the industry. Multiple facilities were found to have violated health and safety standards, resulting in fines and investigations by state authorities. These revelations expose a pattern of poor care, inadequate oversight, and the prioritization of profit over patient well-being.

Erroneous Withholding of CPR

Among the most alarming incidents were the cases of two residents found unresponsive and denied potentially lifesaving CPR. Nurses at Cold Spring Hills Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in Woodbury and Central Island Healthcare in Plainview mistakenly believed that the patients had “do not resuscitate” (DNR) orders. This mistaken belief was attributed to administrative confusion, as the staff misinterpreted the armbands worn by the residents. Tragically, both residents later died due to the withheld CPR. 

Sexual Abuse and Neglect

The inspection reports also uncovered cases of sexual abuse and neglect at Glengariff Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center in Glen Cove. Two residents with mobility issues reported being sexually abused by a certified nursing assistant, who rationalized his actions as divinely guided care. Another resident at Gurwin Jewish Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Commack was stripped naked and forced into a shower against their will while desperately crying for help.

Inadequate Care Planning and Oversight

The A. Holly Patterson Extended Care Facility in Uniondale was found to have failed to develop a comprehensive care plan for a resident with a history of drug use. Consequently, the resident overdosed on heroin while at the nursing home, although they survived the incident. A nursing home official labeled the case an isolated incident, but these findings raise concerns about the lack of individualized care plans and appropriate oversight.

Lack of Accountability and Fines

The New York State Health Department issued fines amounting to $144,250 to 20 Long Island nursing homes in 2022. While these penalties were intended to hold facilities accountable for deficiencies, critics argue that fines are often viewed as a mere cost of doing business by the operators. 

As Attorney John Dalli states, “There’s absolutely no threat that anything the state will do is going to have a significant impact on them financially. And until the fines mean something, it’s like punishing murder with a maximum 1-to-2-year sentence. A $10,000 fine for violating someone’s rights with respect to their choices about whether they want to be resuscitated or not is really sickening.”

Insufficient State Oversight

Advocacy groups and lawmakers have criticized the state’s oversight of nursing homes, arguing that it fails to address systemic issues and protect vulnerable residents adequately. The fines imposed on nursing homes in New York are comparatively lower than the national average. Despite promises of increased oversight, critics believe that the state’s response to the violations has been insufficient and that more stringent measures should be taken to ensure patient safety.

The disturbing incidents reported in Long Island nursing homes shed light on deep-rooted problems within the industry. Patients’ lives were put at risk due to administrative confusion, neglect, and sexual abuse. These incidents highlight the need for comprehensive reform, increased oversight, and stricter penalties to ensure the well-being of nursing home residents. It is crucial for the government, regulatory bodies, and advocacy groups to work together to address the systemic issues and protect the rights and safety of vulnerable individuals in long-term care facilities.

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