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Are New York Nursing Homes Liable for Feeding Tube Injuries?

Feeding tubes are often required for nursing home residents that may not be able to feed themselves. They are used to help elderly adults get the nutrition they need. However, feeding tubes can also increase the risk of fatal or serious injuries. These injuries are often the cause of poorly trained or negligent nursing home staff. 

If your family member was severely injured due to a feeding tube injury that could have been prevented if it wasn’t for a caretaker’s negligence, speak with an experienced New York nursing home lawyer promptly for an assessment of your case. You may be able to pursue damages for the injuries and other losses your loved one endured as a result of their actions. We are dedicated to pursuing justice on your behalf and obtaining the compensation you deserve. 

Why May Your Loved One Need a Feeding Tube? 

Residents may benefit from a feeding tube in instances of trauma, surgery, or late stages of dementia. This method provides nutrition directly to the small intestine or stomach. Although tube feeding can be helpful in some instances, it is not the first option because it could ultimately cause the resident to lose their ability to chew or swallow. 

What Are the Risks Involved in Using a Feeding Tube? 

Feeding tubes come with several risks for residents that have to receive their nutrition this way. The following are some of the risks to consider before opting to use a feeding tube method: 

  • Aspiration: Feeding tubes may not help to prevent the risk of aspiration.
  • Surgery: There is always a risk of the feeding tube being improperly placed or becoming dislodged. Surgical risks are higher as a person ages, and other medical conditions exist.
  • Malfunction: Feeding tubes can become dislodged or have other issues that require replacement.
  • Discomfort: Feeding tubes are uncomfortable and may be susceptible to being pulled or damaged. 
  • Pressure injuries: Residents need to be motionless during feedings. The need to stay in this position for a long period of time more than doubles the chances of developing bedsores and other complications. It also hinders the ability of any existing bed sores to heal while feeding tubes are being used.

Nursing home staff should do their best to explain the risks involved in using a feeding tube and why it is recommended for your loved one. Speak with an experienced New York nursing home lawyer if your loved one was injured due to a feeding tube. 

Can New York Nursing Homes Be Liable for Feeding Tube Injuries? 

Feeding tubes should be used as a last resort for nursing home residents because of the many risks involved. In addition to discomfort, feeding tube liabilities are also prevalent in nursing homes. 

The following are frequent errors that occur: 

Clogged Tubes

If a feeding tube becomes clogged, your family member will likely need emergency surgery. There are other risks associated with a clogged feeding tube, including not getting proper nutrition, severe dehydration, or not getting the medication they need. Feeding tubes must be thoroughly flushed before and after use to prevent tubes from clogging, and oftentimes caretakers skip this step to save time.

Medication Errors

Medication must be assessed for the safest way to administer to a resident with feeding tubes. Medication errors involving feeding tubes can result in fatal injury. Administering multiple medications at once is also dangerous. 

Incorrectly Placed Tubes

Feeding tubes that are not placed correctly can be detrimental and can cause death.  

Dislodged Tubes

If a feeding tube becomes dislodged, staff may often try to shift it back into place without alerting medical professionals trained to adjust feeding tubes. This can result in malnutrition and death. 

If you believe your loved one was terribly injured due to a nursing home feeding tube error, speak with a skilled New York nursing home lawyer for an assessment of your case. You may be able to recover maximum compensation for your losses and obtain the accountability you deserve for caretaker negligence. 

Speak to an Experienced New York Nursing Home Lawyer at Dalli & Marino 

Feeding tubes have a greater risk than benefit in a lot of cases. Nursing homes may still opt to use them even when it shouldn’t be recommended or use them improperly and cause substantial harm to your loved one. Tube feeding can be more costly than other alternatives. When nursing homes place profit over the wellbeing of their residents, they should be held accountable for the preventable feeding tube injuries they cause. Speak with an experienced New York lawyer at Dalli & Marino for a chance to build your case and hold the nursing home accountable for its negligence.

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