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6 Ways to Make Your Loved One Comfortable in a Nursing Home 

It’s never easy to move your loved one into a nursing home. They may have lived in their home for decades, so moving to a new place will be a significant change. At Dalli & Marino, LLP, we understand this change and the stress that comes with moving into a nursing home for our elders, so we compiled the top six ways to make your loved one more comfortable in a nursing home. 

Tips for Making a Nursing Home Feel Like Home 

Moving to a nursing home is a lot to ask of a loved one. Not only do they have to leave a familiar environment, but they must accept that advancing age or increasing health needs necessitate the move. When their care needs increase, the safety, assistance, and social interaction that nursing homes offer may outweigh their desire for familiarity. While this is a big step, you can do a few things to make them feel more comfortable and ease the transition. 

Understand and Respect Their Perspective

You must remember that you and your loved one will have different views on this move. You might see this transition as a positive change that will provide your loved one with nutritious meals and on-site care services. Conversely, your loved one may view this change as a loss of their independence. Many seniors recognize and appreciate the benefits of nursing homes, but the move is bittersweet. 

Decorate Your Loved One’s Nursing Home Room

Some nursing homes allow residents to decorate their rooms to make them feel more comfortable. If this is the case, prioritize bringing their favorite chair or a few decorations. There might be room for a dresser they had for years, making the nursing home room feel more like home. Helping them bring as many mementos from home as they can help ease the transition. Conversely, some elders may want to purchase new bedding, a TV, or furniture to signify a fresh start in their new home. While this is not the norm, indulge your loved one as long as the costs are not too high. 

Visit Often 

A familiar face can help make the facility feel like home. Even though you are handing over the day-to-day care to a qualified nurse, your loved ones still want to see you. Schedule regular visits to spend time with them and enjoy their company, just as you visit their home. Impromptu visits will also go a long way in making the facility feel like a home. Encourage other family members who live nearby to visit and arrange a group visit every once in a while. 

Continue Family Traditions 

Do not neglect family traditions once a loved one moves into a nursing home. Continue board game nights or watch parties for Sunday Night Football. Pack Monopoly or some snacks and head to the nursing home to enjoy the tradition together. Some nursing homes may even allow your loved one to leave for a few hours. You can bring them home for holidays or a family dinner. Whatever you choose, continuing your family traditions can aid in the transition. 

Go On Outings

Not all people who go to nursing homes require care 24/7. If possible, take your loved one out of the facility and into the community. You can go shopping, see a movie, or eat lunch at their favorite restaurant. If that is too taxing on them, a simple walk around the block may increase your loved one’s spirits. 

Give Them Time 

Do not force your loved one to dive right into the activities and social events at a nursing home. Moving is a big adjustment, regardless of age, and it may take them weeks or months to adjust. They will likely go through a grieving process over their home and a loss of independence, so do not be disappointed if they complain about the facility. Treat them with respect and do not rush them into accepting and appreciating the change immediately. If they continue to be unhappy or angry months after the move, speak to their doctor about possible depression. 

Speak to a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in New York Today 

While we always home for the best when moving a loved one into a nursing home facility, abuse can still happen. If you suspect that nursing home staff abused or neglected your loved one, do not hesitate to consult with a New York nursing home abuse attorney. At Dalli & Marino, our attorneys are here to help you through this challenging time and explain your legal responsibilities to protect your loved one from further harm. To speak with an experienced nursing home abuse attorney, call (888) 465-8790 or complete our contact form

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