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1199SEIU Calls for Monumental Nursing Home Reform 

1199SEIU Calls for Monumental Nursing Home Reform1199SEIU, one of the most powerful healthcare unions in the eastern US, represents more than 65,000 members in hundreds of nursing homes across the country. All have come together to put a stop to the nursing home crisis. 

After years and years of denying our need for better long-term care facilities, a pandemic was what it took for our nation to finally awaken to the threat of poor nursing home safety and quality. As TimesUnion recently reported, the nursing home reform is intended to hold nursing homes and their owners or operators responsible to ensure high standards of care for residents. It also sets out to develop new protections for healthcare workers. 

Multi-Million Dollar Ad Effort to Address Major Nursing Home Issues 

In response to New York State Attorney General Letitia James’s findings on the connection between resident COVID deaths and a shortage in nursing home staff, 1199SEIU launched a multi-million dollar advertising campaign called “Invest in Quality Care.” The campaign is designed to target many of the issues revealed in the Attorney General’s research, including inadequate infection prevention and control, low pay, high turnover rates, and lack of state supervision. 

These factors have collectively led to 12,743 resident deaths in New York, not including thousands of other residents and staff who have been infected with the virus—many belonging to ethnic minority groups. When the executive vice president of 1199SEIU, Milly Silva, was asked about her thoughts on the issue, she said: 

“True comprehensive reform is needed to ensure that residents receive the highest levels of care and that workers are able to remain safe and healthy as they tend to the residents they know and love.”

Helping Abuse Victims Hold NYC Nursing Homes Responsible 

Nursing home residents of all ages, races, sizes, and conditions have been grossly neglected across the nation. It’s a tough pill to swallow knowing that not all nursing homes and caregivers have your loved one’s best interests at heart. It’s an even harder concept to accept when we’re all just trying to take it day by day to survive this pandemic. As many of us are still left in the dark and unsure about our loved one’s care, it’s critical that we do our best to stay informed. 

If you are not being updated on the precautions and measures taken to ensure your loved one’s care, reach out to Dalli & Marino to get extra help and guidance in managing your loved one’s care. Our NYC nursing home abuse lawyers are vigorous advocates for victims of abuse or neglect, and we’ll take action immediately to get justice for the wrongdoing your family member has endured. Call 888-465-8790 or complete our contact form to see if you have a viable case today. 

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