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Brookhaven Bedsore Lawyer

There are many nursing homes in Brookhaven providing residents with nursing care. While many of these facilities are great places offering quality care, staffing shortages and other issues can lead to the neglect of the very residents that nursing homes are made to serve. One of the common signs of nursing home neglect is the presence of bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers.

If your loved one has suffered bedsores as a result of nursing home neglect, New York’s personal injury claim process affords the injured party the right to seek compensation for the financial and psychological consequences of their injury. An experienced Brookhaven bedsore lawyer, like those of Dalli & Marino, LLP can provide services to assist personal injury claimants in seeking the compensation they need.

Seeking Compensation If Your Loved One Suffered Bedsores in a Brookhaven Nursing Home

Bedsores are the result of an immobile person being left in one position for at least two or three hours. They can be worsened by episodes of incontinence that may leave open skin from the pressure ulcer vulnerable to an infection that requires proper wound treatment to heal. When the staff at nursing facilities fail to regularly reposition immobile patients, promptly change soiled clothing, or use proper procedures to treat wounds, this is considered negligence.

When a resident suffers a wound as a result of negligence, they can seek compensation for the economic and non-economic costs of the injury. This process generally involves first filing the claim against the facility’s liability insurance policy. If the insurance provider who services that policy fails to pay the claim, it can be filed as a personal injury lawsuit. Then, the court makes a determination as to whether the facility is liable and how much compensation is owed.

Personal injury claims in New York generally must be filed within three years of the date on which the injury occurred or was discovered. This is known as the statute of limitations. One of the important services that a Brookhaven bedsore lawyer can provide is the management of this timeline. This, in turn, can greatly aid your suit and help your chances of getting compensation.

The Type of Compensation That Is Available Through the Personal Injury Claims Process

Individuals who have incurred pressure ulcers as a result of negligent treatment in a nursing home facility can seek compensation for the expenses of their injury. This type of compensation is known as economic damages and can include out-of-pocket costs such as those incurred during the medical treatment of the injury, as well as securing a placement at another facility.

Claimants can also seek compensation for the quality of life or psychological impacts of the injury. The types of emotional costs that are often included in Brookhaven bedsore claims include physical pain and suffering and emotional distress.

Services An Attorney Can Provide to Help You Navigate the Process

While Brookhaven bedsore claimants and their representatives are not required to hire an attorney to assist them with their claim, the personal injury claims process can be stressful and overwhelming for those without knowledge of legal matters. Experience and guidance are some of the most important qualities that claimants receive when they hire a Brookhaven bedsore lawyer. The lawyer and their legal team may also provide services such as:

  • A free case evaluation, which allows for the claimant to learn about the personal injury claims process and obtain answers to the legal questions about their case
  • Determining all sources of liability, insurance resources, and being the point of contact for the insurance provider
  • Negotiating a settlement that fairly compensates the claimant for the financial and psychological costs of their injury
  • Either a settlement offer or the lawyer filing the claim in court if a settlement couldn’t be reached
  • Assistance with receiving the proceeds of the settlement agreement or court award.

Bedsore claims lawyers may also be able to help in other ways, including gathering information pertaining to the court case and fighting for your rights. 

Dalli & Marino, LLP Can Help With Your Brookhaven Bedsore Claim

No amount of money can replace the trust and faith that is lost when a loved one is neglected or injured at a nursing home. However, the personal injury claims process allows claimants and their family members to experience a sense of justice for the mistreatment. This process also assists them in paying for the costs and impacts of an injury that would have been avoidable in a facility that was properly staffed and accountable to the residents they serve. The experienced legal team at Dalli & Marino, LLP has been helping to make things right for their clients for almost 20 years.

Let our Brookhaven bedsore lawyer evaluate your case, help you understand the process of seeking compensation, and provide you with more information about the services we can provide to assist you with your claim. For a free case evaluation, contact us online or call us at (888) 465-8790.

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