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Bed Rail Injuries in New York Nursing Homes

Bed Rail Injuries in New York Nursing Homes

Nursing home bed rails are used to prevent injury and restrain residents to keep them from falling out of bed. Oftentimes, however, bed rails are a substantial cause of harm and injury. Nursing homes are required to provide documentation and justification of bedrail use for residents. This commonplace safety precaution can cause severe harm, and most families are unaware of just how dangerous they can be. Between 1985 and 2009, 803 incidents occurred of residents either being entrapped, caught, entangled, or strangled in beds with bed rails. Of the 803 cases that occurred, 409 died.

If your family member has suffered severe injuries or death because of a nursing home’s use of bed rails, you may be able to seek legal action against them due to negligence and facilitating an unsafe living environment for your loved one. Speak to a seasoned New York nursing home abuse lawyer for a thorough assessment of your case and a chance to obtain the compensation you deserve for your losses. 

Why Are Bed Rails Used in New York Nursing Homes?

While bed rails may result in injuries, sometimes their use is necessary for nursing home residents who have a high risk of falling out of bed or being injured by limited mobility if they try to leave the bed without assistance. Residents that need to be transferred from their beds are also at higher risk of falling. When using bed rails, it is essential to supervise the resident attentively to make sure the device functions properly. 

The Dangers of Nursing Home Bed Rails 

Bed rails may be dangerous for many reasons, and different types of injuries may occur from defects or misuse of them. The use of bed rails has a higher injury and mortality rate than many other types of nursing home injuries. These are the most common dangers of bed rails: 

  • When a resident’s neck becomes trapped between the rails, this often results in asphyxiation.
  • Residents falling from trying to climb over the bed rail. Elderly adults will often suffer fractures, broken bones, and fatal head injuries because of these incidents. 
  • Residents can slide into the gap between the bed rail and the mattress and suffer from asphyxiation or chest cavity compression. 
  • Residents may feel trapped or restrained.

If your loved one has suffered monumental injuries due to bed rails being used, you may be able to obtain compensation for the injuries your loved one endured because of the caretaker’s negligence. 

How to Prevent Bed Rail Injuries in a New York Nursing Home 

The lack of regulations surrounding the use of bed rails and their construction is one of the largest reasons as to why they are so dangerous for the elderly. Although there have been substantial injuries and deaths related to their use, there still are no safety warnings or guidelines regarding manufacturing. To make sure nursing homes are creating a safe environment for residents, caretakers and families need to ensure the nursing home is doing the following to prevent bed rail injuries: 

  • Using beds that can be adjusted by height for easier access to the floor
  • Keeping the resident’s bed as close to the floor as possible
  • Keeping the wheels locked on the bed
  • Placing mats and other cushioning material near a resident’s bed who is at risk of falling
  • Using mobility and transfer aids
  • Always monitoring residents and anticipating important times to leave their bed, such as using the restroom, getting food or water, restlessness, or pain.
  • Lower one or more parts of the bed rail 
  • Use the proper sized mattress that has raised edges to keep residents from getting stuck between the bed rail and mattress
  • Decrease the space between the bed rail and mattress

Speak to an experienced New York nursing home abuse lawyer if you suspect that your loved one sustained a bedrail injury from the negligence of the nursing home or staff. Injuries can be severe and catastrophic. You deserve compensation for the losses you have endured. 

Speak With an Experienced Nursing Home Bed Rail Injury Lawyer at Dalli & Marino  

Bed rail injuries can cause substantial injuries to loved ones. Around 50% of all bed rail accidents result in death. If a nursing home has failed to provide a safe environment for your loved one, or if their negligence resulted in injuries, speak with a seasoned nursing home bed rail lawyer at Dalli & Marino for aggressive, diligent representation. If a nursing home or caretakers failed to provide an adequate duty of care, they should be held accountable for their actions. 

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