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Stage 3 Bedsores in New York Nursing Homes

While bedsores at any stage are risky, Stage 3 is the second-to-last stage and the point at which this condition becomes critical. Bedsores are common in nursing homes because of the amount of time residents spend being sedentary, especially those confined to beds or chairs. However, staff members are trained on how to spot the start of a bedsore and steps to prevent it from progressing to the third stage. When this does not happen, nursing homes should be held accountable, which is where Dalli & Marino can help. 

Stage 3 bedsores can be painful and dangerous to residents, and family members may not know how to help. As a New York nursing home abuse attorney, we are well-versed in holding these facilities accountable for substandard care. 

What Is a Stage 3 Bedsore?

Bedsores are classified based on severity and their impact on the body. The first stage is characterized by skin redness, while the second stage deals with the telltale formation of blisters. A Stage 3 bedsore means that the infection has gotten past the dermis, the second layer of skin, and reached the subcutaneous fat layers beneath. 

The most common symptom of Stage 3 bedsores is a deep, crater-like wound in the skin. You may be able to see dead skin, scabs and fat tissue in and around the wound. Additional Stage 3 bedsore symptoms include: 

  • Pus or green-tinged fluid leaking from the wound
  • Fever
  • Skin necrosis
  • Skin redness around the area
  • Pain

Stage 3 is not the stage at which you would see muscle or bone in the wound, but given the speed at which bedsores can worsen, it may not be long until it progresses to that point.

How to Avoid Bedsores

Bedsores are avoidable, especially if early warning signs are heeded. The best way to avoid bedsores is by moving around so that nursing home residents are not lying for too long on any one body part. Those who are immobile should be moved every two hours. Soft bedding and extra padding can also help to avoid bedsores. 

A sound skincare routine is also beneficial. The skin should be kept clean and dry. Good nutritional habits and frequent hydration are also helpful. Typically, when bedsores occur in nursing homes, some care element is neglected and needs to be remedied immediately to stop other wounds from developing. 

Get Help from an Experienced New York Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer 

When a bedsore progresses to the third stage, your loved one is in grave danger of an impending health emergency. Not only is immediate care essential to a full recovery, but the nursing home must also investigate what happened to avoid a repeat of this situation. Dalli & Marino will work tirelessly on your family’s behalf to hold the facility responsible for what happened and get justice for your loved one. By the time a bedsore gets to the third stage, your loved one should already be receiving intensive care for the wound to stop it from progressing any further. 

Given the training that staff receives regarding bedsores, this stage may indicate that the wound was ignored or improperly cared for up to this point. We will gather all facts associated with this case and pertinent evidence to support any claim you might make for compensation. After all, the medical expenses for a Stage 3 bedsore can be significant. The nursing home should be financially responsible for those expenses as well as any pain and suffering your loved one may have suffered. 

Learn More about How to Deal with Stage 3 Bedsores in New York Nursing Homes

The truth is that a Stage 3 bedsore is a real cause for concern, and if you are worried that your loved one is not receiving proper treatment, you need to step in. Dalli & Marino can help you coordinate other means of care, including your loved one’s removal to a proper medical facility, where the situation can be remedied before your loved one’s health declines any further. Once your loved one is on the mend, you can move forward with a claim to ensure that the nursing home is made to answer for their negligence. 

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