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Stage 2 Bedsores in New York Nursing Homes

Bedsores are a health risk at any stage, but when they surpass the initial stage and progress to Stage 2 status, the situation is inherently more critical. This is a largely avoidable issue that is prevalent in many nursing homes. Often residents with advanced stages of bedsores are being neglected in some way, especially if the wound has received little to no medical attention. Bedsores are more common in these spaces because of the amount of time residents spend being immobile. Staff members should have training on recognizing burgeoning bedsores, but this condition can progress to the second stage when indicators are missed. 

Dalli & Marino has stepped in to assist many families unsure of the right move to make upon discovering their loved ones had Stage 2 bedsores. We have successfully obtained compensation for these families while holding the facilities accountable for such questionable care. 

What Is a Stage 2 Bedsore, and Why Is It So Dangerous?

A Stage 2 bedsore is the point at which the pressure ulcer, which caused skin redness in its initial stage, has now broken the skin. This is an extremely painful progression that can quickly move up in stages, which is why the skin break is such a dangerous shift. Stage 2 bedsores can heal in a matter of weeks if they are quickly and adequately addressed. However, once the infection continues to deepen into the deeper layers of skin, it becomes that much harder to control the infection from spreading. 

Common Bedsore Symptoms

The telltale sign of a bedsore is skin redness around a specific area, typically an area on which an individual spends a great deal of time. Those who are immobile and are not shifted every two hours or so are at the greatest risk. While skin redness is a common sign of an impending skin breakdown, additional bedsore symptoms include: 

  • Pain at the wound site
  • Fever
  • Leaking fluid or pus from the wound site

A Stage 1 bedsore is slightly painful, but the pain becomes even more significant when the wound progresses to the second stage. However, there also comes a point at which the pain lessens as the infection progresses, which means that the nerves in the skin around the wound may be damaged. At this point, the infection will likely become even harder to control. 

Seek Legal Guidance from a Reputable New York Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer 

When a bedsore gets to Stage 2 status, your loved one’s healthcare is being severely compromised. Given the severity of the situation, the nursing home may attempt to avoid responsibility because of the liability associated with such an egregious mishandling of care. Dalli & Marino has worked with families in this situation before, helping them take on nursing homes and the corporations that run them to get justice for their loved ones. 

Nursing home staff members are trained to spot bedsores when the skin shows discoloration. Therefore, a Stage 2 bedsore means that someone was not paying attention when they should have been. When you choose a nursing home for your loved one, you do so with the idea that the facility will do the right thing regarding care standards. If this doesn’t happen, you need a New York nursing home abuse lawyer who will hold the facility accountable. 

If Your Loved One Is Dealing With a Stage 2 Bedsore from a New York Nursing Home, Contact a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

You may not be sure of just how worried you should be about a Stage 2 bedsore if your loved one is in a New York nursing home. The truth is that the issue demands immediate attention from the facility and a qualified healthcare provider. Consult with the team at Dalli & Marino regarding your case. We will get the nursing home to act quickly if they haven’t already and begin filing a claim because of this level of negligence. We will advocate for you and your family member assertively and effectively, ensuring that they get the immediate care they need to stop a Stage 2 bedsore from worsening. 

This issue is much too serious to delay. Begin taking the next steps now. Call us today at (888) 465-8790 to schedule your complimentary consultation or reach out to us online to learn more. Se Habla Español. 

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