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Bed Sores

As nursing home negligence Attorneys that prosecute and litigate bedsore cases, we make sure that you understand the law, your rights and what you can do to take action if you or your loved onehas a bedsore or pressure ulcer.

If you have a loved one in a nursing home they are at risk for bedsores, falls and medical errors. Since 2007 Dalli & Marino, LLP has focused its practice on the prosecution and trial of nursing home negligence and elder abuse matters. Specifically, attorney John Dalli has tried cases concerning the failure of nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and hospitals to provide their patients with good care that is consistent with New York State and Federal Regulations.

Dalli & Marino LLP has handled hundreds of cases involving elderly residents of nursing homes who suffer injuries such as bedsores, falls, dehydration, medication errors and sexual abuse.  As a result our firm has gained particular expertise in navigating these highly sensitive matters resulting in numerous successful verdicts and settlements.  For example, Dalli & Marino LLP  has obtained large jury verdicts against nursing homes who failed to properly treat a resident’s bedsore over the course of several months.  In addition, Dalli & Marino LLP has proved at trial that that nursing home falsified medical records.  As a result our clients were awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in punitive damages.

Recently Dalli & Marino LLP represented a young, wheelchair-bound man who developed horrible bedsores because he wasn’t provided with the proper cushions to relieve pressure from his back and legs.  After proving the nursing home neglected his client, a jury awarded several hundred thousands of dollars in damages.

Do not let your loved one suffer bedsores without receiving compensation for their pain and suffering.  Even if your loved one has passed away, a lawsuit can be brought on behalf of the estate to recover for conscious pain and suffering the bedsore caused.

If you believe you have a bedsore case, call us or contact us today.  We are here to help you.

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