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Financial Abuse of the Elderly is Expected to Rise During COVID-19

Scammers have always been around—they’ve just become smarter, sneakier, and quicker. Email scams that were once easy to monitor have been upgraded and revised into some of the world’s most fraudulent scams. But for scammers, the overall purpose remains the same: to steal your money and hack your private information.Fast forward to the start of 2020, where we’ve seen the COVID-19 pandemic ease Read More >>

What Are the 5 Most Common Infections Among the Elderly in NYC?

Bacterial and viral infections affect millions of Americans each year. For young people, they’re often easily treated and quickly resolved. For adults over the age of 65, on the other hand, it’s not uncommon for complications to develop after an infection, which can lead to chronic poor health, ongoing discomfort, and a higher risk of hospitalization. In fact, a third of all deaths in seniors over Read More >>

How Can New York’s Child Victims Act Help Sexual Abuse Survivors Get Justice in Court?

New York’s new Child Victims Act has allowed at least 639 sexual abuse survivors across the state to file civil suits against abusers and the institutions that protected those abusers, according to the New York State Unified Court System.That number only accounts for cases filed from August 14, the day the law went into effect, to September 9.  Many more are expected because of the new law’s Read More >>

John Dalli Advises Families on Selecting Home Health Care Aides: Mineola American

As the number of aging adults increases rapidly, many families are turning to home health care aides to allow older parents to stay in their own residences instead of moving to nursing homes. But how do you select an aide that will provide the necessary quality care?John Dalli of Dalli & Marino, LLP wrote the attached column in the Mineola American about navigating this issue amidst a Read More >>

Nursing Home Residents Imperiled As Safety Standards Are Undermined – LTCCC

The communication below is sourced from a communication from the Long Term Care Community Coalition , June 14, 2018: “Since January 2017, the health and safety of nursing home residents has become increasingly imperiled.”Please contact Dalli & Marino, LLP with any questions at 1-888-465-8790 [Toll-Free], or by completing the CASE EVALUATION Form on our Contact Read More >>

New Issue Alert from LTCCC on Nursing Home Transfer & Discharge Protections

Unwanted transfers or discharges from a nursing home can be devastating for residents and their families. This Issue Alert from the Long Term Care Community Coalition provides information on: why this is an important issue, relevant standards and requirements, links to data on facilities that have been cited for transfer and discharge deficiencies, and more.Below is the complete text of the Read More >>

Elder Law Guys: Doublecheck when they say the rehab center doesn’t have room – From Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

An article in the 26 Feb., edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, by Julian Gray and Frank Petrich, was entitled "Elder Law Guys: Doublecheck when they say the rehab center doesn't have room". Federal Law and Medicaid and Medicare: Responsibility for Hospital Discharges(Copyright Getty Images.)Gray and Petrich cite significant occurrences surrounding hospital discharges, "In two recent Read More >>

Nursing Home Said She Had to Go. To a Homeless Shelter – from The New York Times

In a 22 Feb., article in The New York Times, entitled, "Complaints About Nursing Home Evictions Rise, and Regulators Take Note" , by authors, Tara Siegel Bernard and Robert Pear, the pull quote stated, "One reason for the evictions, legal advocates say, is that the residents’ better-paying Medicare coverage is ending and will be replaced by Medicaid."(Photo Credit: Justin Kaneps for The Read More >>

Who’s at Fault When Robot Cars Crash and Injure People?

While your next new car might not fold up into a briefcase à la George Jetson, self-driving cars are no longer a cartoon dream of the far-off future. Manufacturers like Audi, Volvo, Ford and BMW promise a fully autonomous vehicle by 2020. If driverless cars really are just around the bend, what will it mean for you, your commute and your safety while on the road?Click here to read the Read More >>

Office of the State Long Term Care Ombudsman

The Ombudsman Program is an effective advocate and resource for older adults and persons with disabilities who live in nursing homes, assisted living and other licensed adult care homes. Ombudsmen help residents understand and exercise their rights to good care in an environment that promotes and protects their dignity and quality of life.The Ombudsman Program advocates for residents by Read More >>